California boys (#1Dfanfic)


8. chapter 8

So,my luck has been all over the place today and I just hope it sticks at good for a while because if I get anymore bad luck I will drop dead with embarrassment. They bloody patch incident was already bad enough. "So what store are you taking me Louie?" I ask. "Target, it's close enough. Don't worry" he replies. "You ok up there?" He asks looking back at me. "Ya I'm good" I say as I nod, he nods back and looks ahead. "Hang on" he says. Wait, what? And before I have time to ask he is running, he is running so fast. I guess I know why he asked me to hang on.

Outside target it looks just as big as any penny's that I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. The ting is looks are deceiving, the inside of a penny's looks as big as you think it is but the inside of this target place is huge, like fucking huge. 10 times the size of any penny's ever. "Wow" is all I can manage to say as he lowers himself down so I can get off to pick up some clothes. "Big. I know" he laughs at the gob smacked look on my face. I must look hilarious. My open so wide it almost hits the floor, my eyes popping out of my head. It's an over statement but I can't stop the giggle that escapes me as I think about it.

As I look through the racks of clothes and pester Louie on what I should buy and what does he think I would look good in, I finally decide on black denim shorts and a deep pink tank top. I walk over to the underwear section leaving Louie to look through the racks of girls clothes. I grab a pair of lace black panties and run back over to Louie. "Have everything?" he asks smiling at his words. I smile back. "Ya I'm good" I look at my stuff and over to the checkout. "I'm gonna go pay, meet you outside?" I really need to get out of these bloody clothes. "Ya sure" he says and walks towards the door. I walk up to the checkout and pay for the clothes. "Thanks" I say to the lady who puts my clothes. She doesn't notice me so I just walking towards the door.

(I am so sorry for not updating in like forever I've just been really busy)

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