California boys (#1Dfanfic)


7. chapter 7

After countless bottles of flavoured vitamin water, the waitress brings down our food. Ok I've heard that America has big portions but this is fucking insane. My burger has a steak knife going through the middle and the burger meat is about 3 inches high. This is fucking huge. This chips, oh god, they are over riding the plate. Louis laughs as I stare at the monster like food on my plate with wide eyes and my mouth open wide. "God, I should have told you about the portions" Louis says as he bites into the burger. "You think" I say in the most sarcastic voice possible. He just laughs and takes another bite.

As I attempt to eat the savage meal, and fail horribly, I excuse myself to use the bathroom. I honestly can't take looking over a Louis and seeing him trying to hide his smile. I stand up out of the booth and walk over to a narrow corridor with two doors on ether side. One has a stick man with boys written under, the other well you must have guessed by now, stick woman in a dress. I walk in through the door with the stick lady. There is a row about 6 stalls and opposite each stall there are 6 sinks on a wall of mirrors.

I walk over to the stall at the very end of the room and walk in. As I pull my baby pink playsuit down I notice that there is a red patch on it. I pull down my white lace panties and see more red. No no no! Not today, things were going so well and then this shit happens. Okay, calm down. I have tampons in bag and I can call mom, but, of course my luck being all bad I see that I left my bag and phone out at the booth. Great, fucking great!

I use the toilet and hurry out of the stall. Maybe It didn't go through the whole play suit. 'Dream fucking on bitch' my subconscious adds. I know she's right. False hope gets me nowhere. Looking I the mirror, I can see the red blobby circle. Uhhh. I wash my hands violently and look around for a tampon machine or some shit so I can stop the blood from spreading.they have none great .Mother Nature you evil bitch.

After 10 minutes of a just pacing the bathroom thinking of a way to get away from this situation, and having no good ideas, I hear Louis. "Styles, you ok? It's been like 15 minutes". Shit. "Am uh I" I stutter and he pushes the door in slightly to find me sitting on the floor, my head in my hands withe my knees at my chest. "Styles, was it me, I didn't mean to laugh or any" I cut him off "Louis it not you it's just am ladies prob... I mean complicated". Oh what did I just do. Idiot. He just looks down at the floor as he takes off his hoodie and surprises me by holding out his hand to pull me up. What the fuck. "Here he says and puts the black hoodie on me. It's perfectly fits him but Louis is a good foot and a bit taller than me so my arms don't go to the end leaving 3-4 inches hanging. The end comes past the playsuit and to the tops of my knees. "They won't see it, swear" he says looking at me. I smile at him. " thanks Louie I don't know what I would do without you, is it ok that I called you Louie" I ask looking up at his blue eyes. "It's fine, oh and here's your bag" he says handing me my black purse. "You wanna finish your food or do you wanna go" he knows the answer already but he asks to be polite. " can we just go it you don't mind". "Sure, we can stop by a clothes shop so you can get new clothes". I giggle and he smiles,"hop on" he gestures to his back as he turns around and bends down. I nod and jump on. "I hope you don't mind me wearing your hoodie and you don't have to give me piggybacks everywhere if you don't want to" I look at him and he stands up straight and looks back at me, "you weigh like nothing and considering you 'condition' as I shall call it, you most likely won't want to walk with you getting cramps, feeling sick and that shit". It's true I do get bad cramps. "And as for the hoodie," he looks at the door and I hear him smirk,"you look sexy in it". I feel the redness in my face as I giggle. "Me, sexy,please"."you must not look in the mirror very often cause you are very very sexy" he says as we walk out of the bathroom doors and out into the diner area. Maybe my luck isn't completely bad.

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