California boys (#1Dfanfic)


5. chapter 5

For the next hour or so I am stuck sitting on the wall next to Aisling, listening to her talk about how great it is here and how perfect Niall is. Trust me she seems like a nice girl and all but she's just too cheery. I look up at the chirpy happy girl and see that she's still blabber mouthing about Niall. I swear I she doesn't shut the feck up, I will push her off the wall onto the busy road.

My some what murder like thoughts are interrupted as I feel a nudging on my arm. "Styles right" I look up and see a tall boy with brown hair and blue eyes. I gawk at the look of him, he's just so hot. "I'm Louis" he says, I look away in embarrassment. I can feel the redness swelling in my cheeks. "Nice to meet you Louis" I say and smile up at him. He is so cute.

"So styles" he begins, "I'm going to get something to eat, you wanna come?" He looks at me slightly embarrassed by the jesture. I smile and nod as I hop off the wall. "I'm coming too" I hear Aisling call and I put my head in my hands. I can't take anymore cheery happy bullshit. "I didn't invite you crane" he says looking at Aisling as she hops back onto the wall with her arms crossed and in a huff. I can't stop they tiny giggle that escapes me as we turn around and head for the food.

"Crane" I laugh as Louis looks at me and rolls his eyes. "Long story" he says as we burst out in laughing fits in the middle of the street. After a minute or two I decide to ask where exactly is this place. "So are we going to a chippers or what's the story" I ask and he looks over at me like I've grown horns on my head. Shit! I forgot, he's not Irish so he doesn't understand. "Chipper, what the fuck is that?" "It's what Irish people use instead diner" "oh" he look cute when he's embarrassed. " I suppose you don't know what knickers are either?" I ask with humour in my tone and a smirk on my face. "No but it sounds weird. Are they food!" Oh my god, I look at him and break into fits of giggles and by they time I'm finished I can't breath and I have a pain in my chest so Louis has to piggyback me the rest of the way. This day couldn't get funnier

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