California boys (#1Dfanfic)


4. chapter 4

As we walk down the street of perfect palm trees Niall decides to break the awkward silence generating between us. "So styles" he begins "what part of Ireland are you from?". "Am I from uh cork" I look up at him and awkwardly smile and look back down. Why does he have to be so darn cute. "I'm actually from mullingar myself, but I moved here when I was small" he states. I knew he didn't sound all American. "Cool" I say as I look up at him and this time I keep looking. "How old are you?" He says and looks at me. Shit I've been caught starring. Okay okay just stay cool and he shove it past him. "Well?" He asks. "16, I'm 16. What about you?" I don't look up at him. "I'm the same" he says glancing down at me and looking straight ahead.

For the rest of the walk we are quite and the awkward silence slowly builds it's self back up. After 10 minutes or so, Niall breaks the silence by telling me that we are here and he points to and small park with a group of 16 and 17 year olds sitting on a wall. "Hey guys" he yells as we cross the street and the group of teenagers look back at us. "Well it took you long enough" a boy with curly brown hair says as we reach the wall. "Shut it harry" Niall says and he elbows the boy in the arm. Harry laughs and quickly moves his gaze from Niall to me and back to Niall. " who's this?" He smirks and looks towards me. Before Niall can answer for me again I speak up "I'm skylar but you can call me styles" I look at Harry and smile. "Like my last name" Harry smirks "So styles," he begins "where are you from your obviously not from these parts" he looks at me with his glossy green eyes and smiles. Why do boys over here have to be so good looking. "Cork, Ireland" I say and look down at the footpath. If I look any long I will go mad.

"Niall,your from Ireland aren't you. Your from mullguiny or some place like that." A girl with shoulder length hair looks at us. "Mullingar" he correct her and she laughs. "Whatever" she rolls her eyes running over to Niall and jumping into his arms kissing him swiftly. "I'm Aisling by the way" she says jumps down off Niall and holding her hand out to me, I shake it without hesitation. "Skylar moved in next door to me she's my new neighbour" Niall says and looks at the group who just mumble things like 'cool' and 'whatever' under their breath. I really hope the other teens at school are like this but I have a feeling their not.

(Sorry for any mistakes or typos in the book.)

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