California boys (#1Dfanfic)


3. chapter 3

As I walk towards the stairs I hear muffled voices coming from the sitting room. I hope to god the these people aren't as fecking annoying as my mom. She's so cheery all the time, like, what the fuck.

As I walk into the sitting room I am welcomed by everybody's eyes starring at me, their gaze then quickly moving back to my mothers. "Oh, sky honey," her voice is so fucking annoying. "This is April Horan and her son Niall." She points over to a woman sitting on the other sofa with her son. The woman has long black hair and blue eyes. She looks so beautiful. Beside her is a blonde hair boy who looks around my age. "Well.... Hi, I'm um skylar rose but you can call me styles and well it's nice to meet you.". God I sound so nervous. Well I sorta am I guess. "Why styles?" I look over and see the words came from the boy with the blonde hair. "wait, what?" Christ why did I just say that. "I was just wondering why you like to be called styles?" Really I don't know? My dad called me it when I was younger and I guess it just a nickname now. "Donno actually Niall. I just do. It's sorta my nickname" "cool" he replies and smiles, he then stands up and starts to walk to towards me."So, sk I mean styles I was wondering do you want to come down to the park with me. I'm meeting some friends down there."

I don't even know this boy.I only know that his name is Niall and that he is my neighbour. Before my mind can ramble about thinking of a million things that most likely won't happen and I am stuck looking like a fool, I look at the blonde boy who is now directly in front of me and smile nodding in agreement. I just hope this doesn't end badly. As he stands by the door waiting I grab my bag off the coffee table, mom must have brought it in from the car. I am about half way down the driveway when I hear my mother yell "don't stay out too late and be careful". I turn my head around and before I can answer, Niall looks back and yells "don't worry ms rose, she'll be back by 10ish. I'll take care of her". He then turns his head around and we continue our walk. I just hope he isn't lying.

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