California boys (#1Dfanfic)


14. chapter 14

( the bikini story really did happen to my friend when she was on holidays)

When I get up out of bed I get dressed and go down stairs. "Honey come on we're going shopping" and before I can say more she drags me into the car and we drive to the shop it's less than 5 minutes away.

When we go inside I see Harry and his mom. When my mom follows me in he face drops and she runs over to Harry's mom "May" she asks her "is that really you may" "ya"

"How do you two know each other" I ask. My mom looks at me and says "sky, she's you aunt"

Myself and Harry look at our mothers in horror. "So he's my cousin?" I ask gesturing to Harry who is pushing back his curly brown hair off his face. "Well sky as you know before I had you and met you father I was in a different marriage." I don't like where she's going with this. "Well I had Harry from that marriage and when we divorced, I gave Harry to my sister"

Oh my god I can't believe what I just heard, Harry styles is my brother.

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