California boys (#1Dfanfic)


13. chapter 13

After 5 minutes or so Aisling finally joins us with Niall. "I'm going on the big killer splash slide" she squeals and runs up the steps to a huge slide. " maybe you should join her styles, get you all wet and slippery" I just shake my head and roll my eyes. "Your awful" I say as we make our way to the end of the slide. "And your sexy" he says stroking my arm. I heck away quickly and he lets out a little laugh. "Hey I'm going now" Aisling exclaims and sits down onto the slide. As the worker pushes her down the slide I notice I deep blue fabric pooling at my feet. I pick it up and notice it's Aisling bikini top. "Titty flasher water splasher" I scream and we all start to laugh as Aisling gets off the slide and with a scowl on her face.

" sexy little tang lets get you into the water " Harry is standing behind me with a bucket of water. He throws it over my head and I scream because it is so cold. I splash water back on him and Louie decides to join in the fun. After an hour or so of splashing around Louie throws me over his shoulder and takes me to the stalls and places me on the bench in my changing room.

"Come here beautiful " he says as he kisses me. He pulls down his swim shorts as he pulls a condom out. He takes off my bikini bottoms, and you can guess what happened next, I loved it.

After we get dressed and meet the others in the car park Louie makes sure that I'm the last person to be dropped back. "Are we boyfriend and girlfriend now or just fuck buddys" he asks outside my house. "You being my boyfriend sounds nice". "Good" he says and kisses my cheek. " I don't want it any other way". I giggle and go inside to bed. Best day ever

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