California boys (#1Dfanfic)


12. chapter 12

When we get into the water park, we spot Harry and the other people from yesterday. Thank god there are more girls. "Styles I better tell you who these guys are" Harry States gesturing to the 4 people behind him. " this is zayn, Octavia, Roma and Louie's twin brother Liam" he says smirking. Louie swats his arm and he laughs. "Hi" I say with a half wave. Fuck me sideways, Liam is Louie's twin brother. Shit. "Hey styles" I turn my head to find a short girl with bob cut blonde hair holding her hand out, I think her name was Octavia. "Hey Octavia" I say smiling. I look beside her and another girl around the same height smiles. She has ass length bright red hair. It's pretty really and the fact that it's so thick makes it nicer. "Hey Roma" I say to her and she smiles again. I think I'll get on with Roma a lot cause she doesn't talk much. "Come on let's go get changed" Aisling screams and we make our way over to the dressing room.

The dressing rooms are small, unisex and there are only 6 left so we have to share, great. "Styles, you can share with me" Aisling exclaims and my face goes from a smile to horrified. Niall is quick to notice and speaks up, "no suger, am I want you to share with me" and before she can protest, he has her locked in the room. "5 left" Harry States. "Ok come on Roma" Octavia states grabbing her by the hand guiding her to the dressing room."4 left" Harry smirks and I look around, 1 girl and 5 boys and 4 dressing rooms. Well we can double up and have one spear dressing room or 4 people double up and 2 people have separate dressing rooms. "Well, styles you can either share with one of us, preferably me" Louie begins " or take you own room but really I want you to pick option number one" he smirks and I roll my eyes, "I prefer my own dressing room thanks" I say and walk into the dressing room beside Niall and Aisling. As I begin to strip off I hear a familiar voice in the empty dressing room beside me, "hey hot stuff" shit balls it Louie. I look up and he's hanging over the wooden border between us. I scream and he laughs. Don't be shy honey cakes, you got your bikini on under your clothes don't you?" "Ya I do" "then just strip it's not like your naked and I already know your bloody secret." He smirks and I shot him a dirty look before taking my top off. "Wow no need to go red with anger is there sweet heart." He laughs and almost falls off. I laugh and take off my pants shoving them in the bag.

As I'm leaving the dressing room I hear a bag against the wood from Niall and Aisling's side. What the fuck, another bag. I jump up onto the bench and look over to see what's going on, the sight I see I unspeakable and down right discussing, Niall has Aisling rapped around his waist and they are fucking against the wood. A moan escapes Aisling's lips as he, I can't watch anymore, I quickly jump down and leave the stall. Everyone else is outside waiting for me and the two cubical fuckers. "About time sugar " Louie whispers to me as he raps his waist and pulls me close to him. I swat his arm but he only pulls me closer. "That's how I like my women, rough and ready" he whispers again as we walk out and into the water park. Actually Louie looks fit in his trunks. Not just fit bust sexy.

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