California boys (#1Dfanfic)


11. chapter 11

When I get back out to Louie, he grabs my bag and throws it into his car boot slamming it shut after himself. Niall,Aisling and my friend Conor will be riding with us. Conor's in the front so you get to sit next to Aisling" he tells me as he opens the back door. I groan as Aisling squeals and try's to hug me or that's what she calls it. It's more like she's trying to crush every bone in my body. "Omg I haven't seen you in like omfg forever!" She screeches as I close the car door a click my seat belt into place. "It's been less than a day" I moan and smack my head of the back of the drivers seat, "it's gonna be a long drive" I mutter under my breath as the car starts.

"How much longer?" I ask with annoyance in my voice, I've just spent the past 20 minutes listening to how Aisling I so mega super excited for school. IT'S TWO FUCKING MONTHS AWAY!!. I will not hesitate to smack this bitch if she doesn't shut the fuck up, I wonder how many way I could kill her. "Five minutes, five more minutes styles" he says breaking me from my 200 ways to kill Aisling without her chirping about fecking school or some shit like that. "It's not that long styles" Aisling says noticing my groaning and head banging against the seat. "It gives me plenty of time to talk about my new kitten that I might get but I still haven't decided yet". what the heck? Does this girl ever stop talking. I look over at Niall but he's asleep, lucky basterd. I look up at that Conor fella and he blesses me with his hands and mouths good look with a sympathetic smile. Louie just smirks back at me and says "the longest 5 minutes of your life" trying to hold in his laugh and failing miserably.

When we finally get to the water park I don't wait for Louie to put the car in park. I just jump out the back door as soon as he's slow enough. Fucking Aisling. "Wow, little miss Irish ninja" Conor says as they all get out of the car. "Are you ok styles?" Louie asks as he rushes over to me to help me up. "Ya fine now that I'm away from Aisling". He just laughs and goes to get our bags. I really fucking hope I'm not stuck with Aisling again. She's nice but fucking hell she can talk. Maybe I should just tape her mouth to shut. I sigh at the thought.

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