California boys (#1Dfanfic)


10. chapter 10

They buzzing of my phone causes me to wake up. Fuck. I being to panic, how did I get from Louie's to my bed in my house. Shit balls, I must have fell asleep. My phone is still buzzing, I look at the screen and see Louie's name and a pic of me asleep on his chest and him smiling with a thumbs up. Thanks louie. He must have saved his number into my phone and rang it to get mine. Finally they buzz begins to piss me off so I answer. "Hello" I say, it's dragged out of me and laced in sleep. "Enjoy your little sleep on my chest?" He asks sarcastically and laughs. "Fuck off" I groan and he laughs again. "So" he begins. "We're all going to the water park today and I was wondering do you wanna go?" "Sure what time and where will I meet you?" I hop out of bed and walk across the hallway to the bathroom for a shower. I know I'm going to a water park but my hair is greasy and I just feel like I need one right now. "Actually, I'm outside you house right now". What the actually fuck? Why is he out now.

I turn away from the bathroom and race down the stairs to the front door. When I open it I'm greeted to Louie standing outside his car, leaning against it. "Theirs my sleepy bones" hey says with a grin on his face."ha ha ha funny" I say back rolling my eyes at the way he smirks at me. "Ready to go?" He asks, "are you serious?" Is my response as he walks towards me. "You look fine to me" he shrugs and I look at myself. I notice that his hoodie is back on my arms and I'm wearing the clothes I bought yesterday. "Go inside and grab your bikini and shit" by shit I know he means tampons. "K" I reply and I walk inside leaving the door slightly open.

I race up to my room and open my suitcase. I never bothered to unpack plus I had no time. I pull out my pinky red bikini, tampons and underwear. I throw the underwear and tampons all except one into a bag. I run over to the bathroom to get they bikini on under my clothes. Today should be fun right? Please say I right.

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