California boys (#1Dfanfic)


1. chapter 1

As I stare out the window, I see the same thing I have been seeing for the past 20 minutes, endless rows of the same palm tree. They're all the same, the same distance apart, same height and even the same god dam colour. These trees couldn't be more perfect, that's what I hate about them, the perfection.

Why did my mother even want to move to California? It's not like we know anyone here. All our friends, our family, it's all back in Ireland. I don't know how I'm going to last in this heat I'm not used to it, Irish weather is just so cold most of the time. I guess I feel bad for my mum really, every since my dad died she sorta lost it and now she's coming here to escape her problems but problems are like the truth, they are both inescapable.

"Skyler, honey look it's our new home" my mother shrieks as I quickly sit up pushing my thoughts to the back of my mind. Last thing I need is to blurt out something that will upset her. Our new home looks almost identical to the others on our street, three levels, large front garden and a mosaic patio driveway. I'm a disgusted that it is just like the others but it's a beautiful house none the less.

I quickly close my 'o' shaped mouth and hop out of the car, slamming it shut. I don't know why I slammed the door, I'm not even pissed off just, upset I guess. I really hope I'm not upset for long because before I know it, mom will have all the neighbours around so we can introduce ourselves to them and I don't to look like a stroppy diva teenager when I'm not.

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