Alexandria's story, New Things Ahead.

This is book 2 of my series. Sequel to, The Life of Alexandria Swan ( Twilight)
Continue Lexi's story, as New moon comes. If you haven't read my first book, I suggest you should.
Lexi and Bella's birthday coming up, see what they have in store for them. You might even learn new and interesting this about Lexi.
copy right for idea wise is mine, but everything and everyone except Lexi belongs to the original creator! :-)
short description, sorry, please read, and enjoy. :-)


5. Hanging out with old friends

The next day (Saturday) Bella asks if I could help rebuild some bikes. And that she's going over to Jacob's. I agree, I have nothing better to do, even though Bell is crazy.

When we got there, Jacob walks out of the shed. "Bella. Alex, where have you two been, loca's." Jacob says, then hugs us.

"I, uh, brought you something. It's a little crazy." Bella says. Then throws the cover off the two bikes. " Wow, scrap metal. You shouldn't have." he says sarcastically. "It's from the junk yard." Bella says. That doesn't help the scrap metal remark, Bells.

"I think they'll probably cost more to fix than there worth, but then I thought that, if i had some mechanic friends to help me out." Bella continued. "Oh, us, being the mechanic type friends." Jacob says. Bella nods. "Since when are you into motorcycles?" He asks. Bella glances at me, "Since now." She replies.

Then an awkward silence appeared around us. And Bella broke it, "I get, if you think this is really stupid, and reckless." You got that right.

"Yes it is, stupid and reckless.................. ..... When do we start?" He says. Wait, he agrees it's stupid but still wants to do it. "Um, now." And with that we get to work.

One bike at a time.

We started working, Bella tries to help out, but we won't let her. She stops the music, but i didn't care i had one head phone in, i was in my zone! "Alex!" I was getting yelled at. "What!?" I yell back, looking at Jake. "I would like you to meet Quill and Embry." He says calmly. I turn around to see two dudes standing there. "Hey." I say.

"So, you're the girl mechanic." Quill says. " Yeah, i taught Jacob everything he knows." I say, joking, a little.

They started talking with Bella a bit, and that ended up with Jacob and Quill wrestling.

Bella and Embry bet money on who would win. Bella's money was on Jacob, and Embry's was on Quill.

I rolled my eyes at their immaturity..

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