Alexandria's story, New Things Ahead.

This is book 2 of my series. Sequel to, The Life of Alexandria Swan ( Twilight)
Continue Lexi's story, as New moon comes. If you haven't read my first book, I suggest you should.
Lexi and Bella's birthday coming up, see what they have in store for them. You might even learn new and interesting this about Lexi.
copy right for idea wise is mine, but everything and everyone except Lexi belongs to the original creator! :-)
short description, sorry, please read, and enjoy. :-)


7. Alone

The next day at school, I was waiting for Bella at the lunch table. Bella walks in after 5 minutes. She looks at her other friends at their table, then the table I'm at. After a minute, she walks over to her friends.

And yet again I'm alone. I got a text after that thought.

-Sorry, you're alone. We miss you. <3 A
-It's ok. I miss all of you. When can I see you guys? <3 L
-Soon, I hope. By the way, don't eat your apple. trust me. <3 A
I look at the apple in my hand, and set it down on my tray, then push the tray away from me.
The week went by fast. Bella had a date or something tonight.
The next week Bella told me that Jacob had Mono(?). We couldn't visit. I hope he gets better soon. Bella kept calling his cell and house to check up on him, but all she could do was leave a message.
The weekend came and Dad was going fishing with Harry Clearwater.
After they left, Bella and I got in the truck to go see Jacob.
When we got to his house, I saw someone walking. I could barely see because of all the rain, I'm surprised Bella drove all the way over here. When we got out of the truck, the person looked a little like Jacob.
Bella starts shouting. When we got closer, it was Jacob, but with shorter hair and a tattoo. Wait he's 16 and he has a tattoo. He's crazy! He's also shirt less, in the soaking wet, cold rain.
That's it, everyone who I thought was sane is IN-sane!!
Him and Bella started to have some kind of deep argument or conversation. I was off to the side, I couldn't really tell. By the looks on their faces, Bella was probably going to get mono(?), if she doesn't put her hood up! Now it looks like their both going to cry.
Then Jacob jogs away.
Well that was, different.

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