The Love Game

"I Hate You And You Hate Me So Let's Play The Love Game"


1. Chapter One

I rushed down the busy streets of London making my way past thick bunches of people

I was late and my mother was gonna kill me and my father would allow it

I quickly sipped past people sometimes bumping into them but saying a quick sorry to avoid interpersonal conflict

As the familiar sidewalks came into view I knew I was getting closer and closer to home

After a few minutes of walking I went up the short steps to my house lugging my suit cases with me

The shape of the beautiful brick house that my parents lived in came into view I approached the rich dark brown wooden door and gave it a quick knock

After a while of standing their I hear a few locks click and the door opens

Reviling my father with a shocked but happy face

"Addie!!!",my fathers joyful voice says

"Father",i say giving him a big hug

"Oh ho ho come in come in",he says

I walk into the familiar house that I once lived in before I went to college nothing in this house really changed except for the un seen quietness that wasn't their before

"Let me get those for you",my dad says grabbing my bags from me and heading towards the steps

"ADDIES HOME",he yells disappearing upstairs

"Addie?!?!",I hear a soft voice say

"Leena?",I call looking around

"ADDIE!!!",she yells running up to me and in bawling me into a ginormous hug

I laugh

"Oh,My,Gosh!!!i can't believe your hear selfie",she says taking a photo

"Anyway ahhhhhh I'm so glad your back Addie it was crazy with out you ahhh it makes me want to scream",she says she screams and jumps around and screams and jumps around

"Hey hey hey tone it done in their",my mother yells while Leena jumps and screams

"I follow my mothers voice to the kitchen

The delicious smell of her famous Lenard stu fills my nostrils

"Yum that's smells delicious",I say putting my head on her shoulder

"Awe thank you honey now go and get washed for dinner",my mom says

"Okay mom",I say slowly and walk towards the front room

"Wait a second",my mom mumbles

"Addie!!!",my mom says

"Mama",I say putting my arms out she approaches me and engulfs me in to a hug

"I've missed you baby",she says caressing my hair

"I've missed you to mom",I say patting her back

She pulls away and looks at me her eyes watery

"Awe mom don't cry you'll make me cry",I say as my eyes steam

"I'll try",she laugh cries and engulfs me into another hug I smile and nuzzle my head into my moms neck

"Okay now go and get ready for dinner we have guest",she says I look at her confused

"Guest?",I say

"Yes now please tell your sister to set the table for me and your father to come down",she says stirring her stu

"Okay mom",I say I turn and walk off to the front room

"Hey Addie what's up?",Leena says

"Nothing just mom said to set the table because we have guest",I say

"I know",she says excitedly and walks off with a big smile on her face

I shrug of my thoughts and head toward the stairs

"DAD!!!",I yell from the bottom of the stairs

I climb them Making it to the top

"Dad?",I say

"In here ad",my dad says from his room

I approach the slightly opens door and push on it reviling my dad looking all fancy

Seriously who's coming

"Ooouuu what's up with you looking all fancy tonight",I say with a grin

"Im getting ready for are guest",he says fixing his tie which he failed to complete

"Here let me help you with that if it's one thing mom taught me it fixing ties",I say

I walk up to him and fix his tie

"Anyway who are these guest anyway everyone all excited and I'm the one who's blind from it",I say looking at my dad

"It's a surprise ad",he says

"Well dad I hate surprises you should now that by now",I say dusting my dad's shoulders off and looking at him

"ROBERT GET DOWN HERE PLEASE",my mom yells from the kitchen

"COMING",he shouts back

"Well I gotta go but thank you",he says

"No problem",I say

He grabs hold of the door and looks back at me

"And for you kiddo learn to lighten up about surprises",he says smirking then walking off

I huff and look around my parents bedroom the fimilar smell of my dads clone and my moms perfume steaming my eyes

I walk out closing the door behind me and look around the wide halls sliding my finger along the dark wood in till my hand falls to my door nob

I turn it and walk into my old bedroom it hadn't changed at all the same big yellow bed the same to door closet and big white windows

I look to the side and see my luggage put to the side I knee down by it and look through the clothes

I didn't know who was coming so I didn't go to fancy nor to housey it was some were in between


Long sleeved red shirt that fell of one shoulder

And bleached blue skinny jeans with white flats

I added just a bit of makeup because my dad hates it

And walked down the stairs taking my hair out its high pony tail and giving it a messy look

"It nice to see you agin Anne",I hear my mothers voice say I stop just bellow the steps to try to figure out the voices

"No it's nice to see you agin dear",Anne says back

"The food smells delicious",I hear a male voice says

"Well thank you robin",my mother says

Who are these people

"Harry dear would you please have a seat",I hear Anne say

Anne? Robin? Harry ....

And that was then did I realize that the styles family was in my house



Sorry this chapter short was rushing to get done before dinner ... Which is what inspired me to write this chapter so sorry agin their one chapter for now but I'll post later on today or tomorrow morning xD


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