Babies Having Babies

" Mom, I'm pregnant." I still remember saying that like it was yesterday. I never imagined that I would become a slut in some people's eyes. I didn't want to be a statistic, but now I am.


10. Close

" Tara, I have to take you to the hospital immediately. I have to," Taylor said in a rush.


" Okay," I said, exhaling.


We rushed to the hospital in Tarpon Springs, Taylor glancing my way every minute or so.


He parked at the ER and insisted to get a nurse and a wheelchair. I watched in agony as the nurse ran with the wheelchair towards the car. It bumped and shook over the cracked parking lot, but she got here in time.


" Okay, now I'm just going to help you into this wheelchair," she said as she held my arm up. All she did was hold my arm as I got myself into that chair with wheels.


The doors automatically opened and the rush of cold air made me shiver. Taylor was inside and followed us back to a room. The nurse and Taylor helped me into the bed. She checked my temperature and blood pressure, scribbling them down on her chart.


" Has your water broken?" she asked. I finally got a chance to read her name tag. Her name was Kathy.


" No, ma'am. I'm just in a whole lot of pain- it feels like menstrual cramps, honestly, but worse."


" Hmm, I'll go grab a doctor," Kathy said as she ran out of the room. Her pink scrubs were stained and she couldn't have been a day over twenty-two with her long red hair and child-like features.


" I'm so sorry I did this to you, T. If I would've just been more careful and hadn't insisted on it, we wouldn't be here," Taylor said, tears welling up in his eyes. He walked over to me and held my hand. I had always loved the roughness of his hands. He had worked on cars and played football since he was in junior high.


" Taylor, I said yes. Remember that."


" Okay, I'm Dr.Jones and I need you to describe your pain to me in detail," the doctor said as he walked into the white room. Taylor and I both looked at him at the same time. Hot damn, he was beautiful. He had dark brown hair cut just right, and bright blue eyes. He had stubble that ran along his prominent jaw line and I was absolutely amazed by his body. He obviously worked out, and I could tell that from how his scrubs and lab coat fit.


" Umm- well, it feels like menstrual cramps. And kind of like someone punched me in the stomach, but way worse. I have a really bad stomach ache, and I'm getting dizzy," I said in a rush as he scribbled on his chart.


" Okay, and your water has not broken yet, correct? Correct," he answered himself, looking at me.


" What is it?" Taylor asked.


" Well, sometimes there will be pain. Especially if you're still growing yourself. I'm going to give you some pain killers for right now- they'll knock you out. Is that okay, or should we call a parent first?" Dr.Jones obviously wasn't that smart if he had to ask.


" Taylor, dial my mom's number and hand it to him," I said, breathing heavily.


The doctor had a quick conversation with my mother before giving me the pills. She had said that Taylor was to sit there me until the doctor said it was time for me to go, then take me home.


I choked them down with water as I held Taylor's big hand. I knew that he and I were growing closer, but I didn't want that to happen.

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