Another Wise Girl

I once had a twin but when I was seven she practically disappeared off the face of the earth. My name is Taylor Chase and I will find my twin.


2. I can read Ancient Greek?

I woke up and got dressed forgetting what today was. Eventually I realized that today we were going on a field trip to a museum. I left my backpack on the hook in my bedroom. I went to the kitchen and saw my "mom" making my little brothers breakfast.

My "mom" is actually my step mom. She married my dad right before my sister left. Coincidence? I think not. I always thought she had something to do with my sister's disappearance so we didn't exactly get along. I pretty much ignored her unless it was absolutely necessary for my survival. So in this case, it wasn't. 

I just grabbed some cereal  and then headed to the bus stop. When the bus arrived I got on and Percy, as usual, had my seat saved right next to him. Grover sat behind us. Grover is my other best friend. I met him because Percy had introduced us. Grover was kind of... different. I don't know if it was his nervous habit of well, bleating like a goat, but he was just different. He was different. Although he was still one of my best friends- one of my only friends.

Finally we had arrived at the museum. Our teacher Mr. Brunner, led us into the big building and started teaching us. As soon as I set foot in there something was different. I could read everything. Every sign every description everything that was in Ancient Greek was so clear. I was absolutely astonished. I look ed over at Percy and saw he had the same expression on his face as I did. Could he read it too?

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Mr. Brunner who was currently teaching about heroes. Then he asked a question to our class.

"Who can name a famous Greek hero?" Many hands shot up, including my own. "What about you Mr. Jackson?" Percy looked around helplessly. I quickly leaned and whispered to him: "I'll give you a hint, he has your name." Percy flashed me a smile and replied, "Perseus, sir." Mr. Brunner just smiled and continued to teach. Before we knew it, it was lunch time.

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