bad dreams

a group of friends win the compitition of a life time and go to Tropical Island they have adventures


5. teh international

SO dougg is ded now sorry. They where al very sad jason teared at what he had had had too do to his very unfriended birthday, doug. "Ig's ok says Wikky Kalafragillistic expee-alidocilious cage jontron Wonkali. I stillll love you, dumplings douches. Come with me and you'll be in a wurld off pure imagination and then he dieds.

That was very sads to says Clare-berr. They all teared again. Smoch smoch.


So ends this epic tail. The four dwarves lived ever happily after and together, young link and jason fatherd many beautfil critic children. BUt the kids never forget theyre amasing adventure that they be having, and they miss poor dead jasob and Claire bannan.


SPOILERS: Hi guys!so that is gthe ned of my storie! I hope you all enjoyed it very muh any coments CIRITCISM or kwestion would be most welcome. Good day to you alllll!!!!!!!


P.S smoch smoch

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