bad dreams

a group of friends win the compitition of a life time and go to Tropical Island they have adventures


2. prison brake..

NOW they where on the iland. CLaier walked to mr. wily wonkar and yelled. "WHY have you sent us to here!". Willy Wonk a whispered because I have many nastey treats for you, my DUMPLINGS. he puled A levver and sudenly a GIANT Nicolas cage sprang down and trAPED them all. NO they whispered hahaha wonkary yelled and hi-fived his bear.

"what we gonna do MARCAS! katie sed to them" I DUNNO" he yelled the bear smiled as he through the bimb in to trap. dutin teared and teared in his cornor.

"NO BEAR WHAT R U DOIN!!!" willy yelled and skipped down to his beer with open armies. the bear sliced him and fell down and died. willy teared and opened the trape. "come on dumplings we have sugar to see"


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