bad dreams

a group of friends win the compitition of a life time and go to Tropical Island they have adventures


3. a START

The skiny pirate killed wikky wonkalas cage by stabed him threw his hart OH YES the kids whisper. "NOW you will be in my kru sed the kiny pirate with spagetti hear. ARRR yelled the rest of his prat kru.

 After many long months, the ship comes too a bigg city. "WOW" whispered the skiny pirate captain who had dognapped the kids and killed poor Nicolas Wonka. Theres gonna be much unfriended games to play hear" he yelled. Maybe even GEERS or WARR


Sandra and the kids mannig to ran away from those nastey pratis. Soon they meet a terrifying creature called a duinosaur. "look out!" whispered Jason, it wa sa ferocous trex!" The trex yelled and the grund shakes, just like in that movie with the glass of watter and the lawyer on the toylit.

run away, kwick WHIPSERED Marcos so they did. Claire was horribley SLICED though and die. They found out later that her bodies were taken by the bear as a sacrifice to the jupitor draggons.


Next chatper will include a scarry mashady, I whisper kids.

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