The Sun Hunter Series: Moon-Kin

As the last survivor of The Free City, now turned to ashes by the masters of men, the Dragons, Hatham is but a naive boy thrust into a world of vengeance, suffering and hopelessness. Now bonded to the mysterious demon Priscilla, Hatham embarks on a journey with but one objective: Kill every dragon in the land and confront the Red Dragon, a beast of colossal fury that burned his home to the ground and ripped away from him everything he loved.

With Priscilla bonded to his ash stained and dying soul Hatham now has the power of the Sun Hunters, an ancient ritualized order of warriors who survived the bonding trial of becoming the host of a demon and therefore gained the title of Moon-Kin, heroes with the abilities of raw crystal moonlight capable of piercing dragon scales and humanities only source of rebellion against their dragon overlords. But now there is only one left, and he has nothing left in his life, which means he has nothing left to lose.


4. The Enemy

Quinton had never seen an expression like the one that covered Hathams face at that moment.
It was an expression of pure rage, his teeth gritted and his eyes were wide looking at the Dragon as it moved about the house. His hands were gripping two of the wooden breams and little cracks began to appear in them as his grip got tighter and did not let go.
Quinton quickly grabbed Hatham by the shoulders and shook him.
"Look kid, whatever you are thinking now, it is not worth it." Quinton shook Hatham more and met his eyes. "If you go out there you would get yourself killed, and what would that accomplish?"
At this Hatham began to calm down and he relaxed in Quinton's grip.Once he was sure Hatham has calmed down Quinton released his hands off Hatham.
"You okay kid?"
"Yeah..I think so now."
Hatham suddenly jumped to his feet in an amazing display of speed and before Quinton could react he burst out of the door and ran towards his enemy screaming with rage. This was the thing Hatham hated most in the world and he would rip it apart with his bare hands if he...
The tail hit Hatham like nothing he had ever felt before and he shot into the remains of the burnt out house. Every bones in his body broke on impact with the wood as he smashed through it until finally hitting a solid stable surface. Blood trickled down his face and Hatham stared at his twisted legs. His arms were bent in ways that would make anyone sick and the pain was unbearable but Hatham could not scream  through the agony, his ribs broken and pierced through his lungs. Hathams vision began to cloud and fade as his bodily functions began to cease and give up.
You know you a cute when you are lying there all broken like a used little toy.                                                                          An almost childish giggle filled his head and a familiar icy sensation swept across his body and an immense pain filled his body as his bones began to make a sickening cracking sound and he painfully screamed out as they move on their own and fixed back into place, his bones healing back together. The bleeding flesh inside him began to knit back together and his ribs moved back into place solidifying into the right position as Hatham painfully coughed up blood. It hurt but after his body had healed he felt stronger and filled with energy, his muscles felt tougher and his bones harder than before.
"Who are you? Have I gone insane?"
Not quite yet pup, and as for who I am, I already told you that.
Hatham paused as flashs of his death filled his head, images swirling in his mind, that soothing voice and caring embrace.
"Priscilla" Hatham looked at his hand, the broken flesh knitted back perfectly and as he flexed his fingers it felt stronger than it was before. "What did you do to me?"
Well I could hardly let you die now could I? After all your body is my body too.
Hatham could perfectly picture Priscilla's naked figure taunting him with her curves and winks at his innocence.
The voice in his head laughed again.
Careful now, I can see everything you think, all those naughty thoughts twisting about in your head, but don't worry it is just between you and me.
Hatham felt cold lips brush his cheek but as he turned to see them only empty space awaited him.
"What are you Priscilla?"
I have already told you this, I am a demon, we made a deal, I gave you the power to take your vengeance.                           "In exchange for what?" 
Your body and soul.
Hatham felt arms embrace him from behind and the feeling of a head resting on his shoulder. What did this mean? What cost did he pay? What would happen to him? Fear consumed him and Priscilla felt it as she stroked along his neck and should kissing him.
You are mine now Hatham, my little toy to play with, together forever.   
"I don't care." Hatham said his voice emotionless and like Ice. "Thank you Priscilla" 
Even Hatham could sense the surprise in the demons emotions when he concentrated on her presence in his head.
My, my this is interesting, here I thought you would not be able to take it, you would freak out or deny me.
For the first time since being back in the city Hatham smiled. A wide happy smile as he moved his new arm and he even laughed at this new sensation he felt.
"Why would I do that? You have given me everything I wanted Priscilla, strength, power and a freedom from this loneliness since everything was taken from me." Hatham turned to face the now present Priscilla, her body bare in front of him and he leaned in confident and kissed her cold lips. They kissed for what seemed like forever till Hatham finally pulled away and looked at Priscilla's shocked face that quickly turned into a wide sadistic and lustful grin. "Thank you Priscilla."
With that Priscilla disappeared from view but Hatham could still feel her in his head, a companion that would never leave him. He turned and walked from where her was launched through the burned down hovel and saw his enemy once more.
The dragon turned towards him and let out a large snarl of confusion at his prey still being alive and Hatham did the only thing he felt like doing.
He smiled.

Quinton could hardly believe his eyes.
Hatham was standing there very much alive even though Quinton had witnessed him launched harder and furthur than even a man made of rock could withstand. Yet here he was his clothes torn but his body pale and free of any wound or scar that Quinton could see.
Bear came up behind him in the door frame stood by Quinton in his usual intimidating pose.
"Orders sir?" He asked.
What could he do? They could not fight a dragon and even if Hatham has survived that last hit there was no way that he could survive now.
All he could do was keep his men safe and out of trouble. He popped three seeds into his mouth to soothe his nerves and watched Hatham carefully.
The damn boy was smiling too? Had he completely lost it?
"Sorry Bear, was lost in thought there." He bit down on the final seed and sighed. "Break some of those boards that make the wall and begin to move everyone out of the back and out of sight."
"What about you sir?"
"Well either I have grown a massive pair of stones or I have gone completely insane but I am staying here." 
Quinton could do nothing more but smile too, as Bear did not question his orders and began to evacuate everyone.
Damn that kid and damn my bravado.

Hatham and the dragon locked eyes for the longest time but neither of the moved.
"You are either a very brave or a very foolish human that dares to smile in the face of certain death. So tell me which is it?" The dragon said, it's voice gravely and as monstrous Hatham would have expected.
"So you things can talk? That makes it easier to get some answers out of you"
"You think I would give anything to you human? Does the wolf confess to the sheep as it is devoured? No it suffers and is bloodily ripped apart as you soon will be" The dragon began to move forward towards Hatham.
"I want you to tell me where the Red Dragon is" Hatham stood defiant against this monster, he felt fear but something was pushing it deep, deep down. 
"You dare make demands of me!" The dragon roared. It  swung it's tail at Hatham for the second time but Hatham held up his hand and the momentum that it had built up was stopped instantly in Hathams grip, his hand covered by a crystalline white substance that move up his arm. These crystals blocked any damage that Hatham would have received and reinforced his arm so that his arm would not shatter at the blow. Hatham smiled once again the same sadistic smile Priscilla had and as he concentrated the crystals stretched out with speed and pierced straight through the thought to be impenetrable dragon's scales and directly into it's flesh.
It let out a loud wounded cry as Hatham tore his arm up and severed the dragon's tail from his body and it hit the floor with a loud thump.
Seems you are quickly getting the hang of this and you are enjoying it too.    
"Whatever it is, it feels good, like I have complete control for once in my life." Hatham flexed his arm and the crystals grew and shrunk at his whim, getting sharper or as duller as he wished. He concentrated a bit harder and the substance seemed to liquefy and crawl up his arm and seemed into his pours. It began to form a hardened shell just under his skin. Hatham spun and smashed his hand against the floor with all his strength and it cracked and split apart into a small crater and where his skin had torn away was the crystal substance formed around his knuckles and fingers. No pain, no bleeding and he was stronger than he could have ever imagined.
It felt good.
The dragon was still almost shrieking in pain at the loss of it's tail. It composed itself in it's rage and turned to Hatham once more and began to flap it's wings and floated int the air.
"You will pay for that you pathetic worm!"
It attempted to fly higher but before it could Hatham simply  stretched out his palm and concentrated once again on the shape and form of the crystal and a long spear of it shot from his palm and pierced through the monster's left wing tearing it apart as Hatham flicked his wrist.
The creature screamed as it fell to the floor and hit the ground hard causing it shake and destroying some of the animal pens that the villagers kept.
Hatham jumps onto the creature and pierced a crystal scimitar blade that stretched out from his forearm into the dragon's gut and began to slowly walk up it's belly cutting it open as the dragon let out roars of pain.
"I won't ask you again, where is the Red Dragon?" 
The dragon let out a malevolent laugh between it's pain.
"You are nothing to us human! We are god's. We are the hunters and your race are the hunted. It is our nature to be the strongest and so we have the right to rule you!"
Hatham shot another crystal lance that split on his whim into two paths and pinned the dragon's arms to the ground. Tears began to crawl down his face and he looked up in anger.
"Is that your justification? That is your reason? You killed everything I ever loved because you had some right too? Just because you are stronger than us?"
The dragon growled but remained still staring at Hatham.
"It is the ways of this world puny one. Survival of the fittest. We are the hunters and they were the hunted."
Hatham wiped the tears from his face and composed himself once again in cold powerful bliss.
He knows nothing. Finish it.      
   Hatham nodded and raised his arm. the crystals formed around his arm into a circular lance and he shoved it into the dragons neck spurting a crimson blood that covered Hatham's body. He bent down and looked the dragon directly in the eye and in that eye he saw fear. Fear of what was to come. Fear that it had never experienced before. Fear of Death.
"Hunter and hunted...So what does that make me then?"
With that Hatham shoved his arm deeper into the dragons flesh and with his bare hands he tore it's neck from it's body and pierced it with his crystal limbs throwing it from it's now deceased mass.
The blood dripped down his body and it was not his own. It felt good and for the first time he felt at peace.
This is what true power is Hatham, my love is true power.
"Thank you Priscilla" Hatham retracted the crystals back and they burst into dust and floated in the wind.
Hatham slid off of the dragon's corpse and his the ground face first, his body was too weak to stand but was filled with happiness.
"Thank you."






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