The Sun Hunter Series: Moon-Kin

As the last survivor of The Free City, now turned to ashes by the masters of men, the Dragons, Hatham is but a naive boy thrust into a world of vengeance, suffering and hopelessness. Now bonded to the mysterious demon Priscilla, Hatham embarks on a journey with but one objective: Kill every dragon in the land and confront the Red Dragon, a beast of colossal fury that burned his home to the ground and ripped away from him everything he loved.

With Priscilla bonded to his ash stained and dying soul Hatham now has the power of the Sun Hunters, an ancient ritualized order of warriors who survived the bonding trial of becoming the host of a demon and therefore gained the title of Moon-Kin, heroes with the abilities of raw crystal moonlight capable of piercing dragon scales and humanities only source of rebellion against their dragon overlords. But now there is only one left, and he has nothing left in his life, which means he has nothing left to lose.


6. New Toys

Adam pushed the needle into his finger, letting his crimson life blood drop down onto the wooden table.
It hurt but he didn't mind, he liked a bit of pain every now and then.
It kept things different, kept things from getting boring.
Adam focused hard and his blood became solid as it dripped out of his finger, creating a two inch long crystalline spike. He buried it into the table and it went straight through the poorly constructed piece of furniture, sending small splinters outwards from the force he used to push the spike all the way through.
He smiled and pulled the blood spike out again and let his focus drop.
The spike began to turn into a liquid again and collapsed and the blood hit the table, splattering into beautiful little patterns. He had gotten good at controlling his blood and could now mould it into anything he wanted. It hurt more than anything in the world, he was using his own blood after all and because of this is made him tired and weak after using it for an extended period of time. Master Varos made him constantly push him self even when he was going to faint or  when he screamed in pain begging for the feeling to leave his body and stop his suffering. Even though Master Varos was harsh, it made Adam stronger and Adam was thankful for that, he got used to the pain and even learned to love it. The only problem Adam face now was boredom.
Master Varos rarely visited him in the in the Temple so Adam had to find other ways to entertain himself. The body of a young acolyte lay in the centre of his room, the blood that seeped out from the various holes ripped through her body had long since congealed and dried. She was always so nice to Adam, she brought him food and cleaned his room when he was away and they even had times when they conversed with each other and she had made him laugh with her jokes and sense of humour. 
Sadly like everyone else she had gotten boring and Adam no longer had any use for her in his life. The last bit of entertainment she had given him was her screams and her begging as he had impaled her limbs one by one. He had to admit it was quite entertaining to see how long her body would last as he constantly drilled holes into everything single inch of her body that was not a vital area and how much she pleaded and offered him anything he wanted. Eventually even that had gotten boring so he had speared her heart with one of his blades and then long after her passing began to play with what was left with her, exploring and learning. 
Now Adam was bored once again, he had nothing to do and Master Varos had not visited him in some time. Perhaps he could go down to the acolytes room and see how they would react if he tore apart some of their peers. 
No, no, that would be too easy, he wanted something that would last, something he could test himself on and someone he would be able to play with without them breaking within the first hour. 
The door to his room opened and Adam turned in his seat to see Master Varos walk in his black and gold trim robes gently gliding across the floor giving him the illusion of some sort of floating illusionist. Master Varos had the same hairstyle he normally had, his blonde hair was oiled slickly back on his head and his green eyes has always reminded Adam as the type a snake might have, the colour of poison or some combustible chemical. He wore a thin smile as Adam stood up from his seat and bent down on one knee as he had been taught too as a child when his betters entered the room. The blazing emblem of the chained golden fire decorated his robes from the larger decoration on his back,too the smaller chains that ran down the rim of his sleeves. Adam had been taught in his early years that the golden fire restricted by the chains was to symbolize the potential of humanity but also its danger to itself, its capacity to destroy one another. It was taught that this was why we needed our overlords, the divine dragons, to prevent humanity from destroying itself and to lead us into the light to our full potential and prevent us from destroying one another. Adam never liked this idea, he saw it as an excuse to be humble and grateful to the monsters that dowelled in the presence of humanity, but on the other hand he did not care for the Order of the Golden Light's philosophies nor their doctrines. He worshipped Master Varos, and that was all he needed in his life.
Master Varos waved his hand over Adam's head muttering a blessing in another language that Adam had yet to learn and gestured for Adam to stand up properly.
"It seems that you have been keeping yourself busy my son." Varos said smoothly, his eyes darting to the torn apart corpse of the acolyte that was on the floor of the room.
"I got bored, master"
"I can see that." Varros took a couple of step to the window of the room, his personally tailored shoes clacking across the cobbled floor."Well now you shall be bored no long, I have an assignment for you."
"An assignment, master?" A glint struck Adams eyes as he heard this.
"Yes, you are to come with me to the city of Fernhelm. My sources report that a certain individual has entered the city that could indeed pose a problem to the order. However I wish for him alive, barely breathing mind you, but alive. Is that understood Adam?"
"Yes, Master" Adam replied bowing again but as he raised his head he noticed the look of concern on Master Varos' face. What in the world could possibly have this effect on him and where could Adam find it, so he could feel this presence for himself. 
"The boy we after is named Hatham. It seem that Baron la Rose has taken quite a selfish shine to the boy and is caring for him as we speak. This boy is more dangerous than you could imagine, but he possibly could do more good than harm for our cause if we are to capture him in a condition that would prove helpful to me. However do not underestimate what lurks inside this boy, if it has the opportunity it will tear you apart and the city along with you." Master Varos walked to the door and beckoned Adam to follow with a movement of his wrist.
Adam smiled as he walk with Master Varos down the corridors of the The Order of the Golden Light, positively giddy with excitement.
Goodbye boredom, hello Hatham.

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