The Sun Hunter Series: Moon-Kin

As the last survivor of The Free City, now turned to ashes by the masters of men, the Dragons, Hatham is but a naive boy thrust into a world of vengeance, suffering and hopelessness. Now bonded to the mysterious demon Priscilla, Hatham embarks on a journey with but one objective: Kill every dragon in the land and confront the Red Dragon, a beast of colossal fury that burned his home to the ground and ripped away from him everything he loved.

With Priscilla bonded to his ash stained and dying soul Hatham now has the power of the Sun Hunters, an ancient ritualized order of warriors who survived the bonding trial of becoming the host of a demon and therefore gained the title of Moon-Kin, heroes with the abilities of raw crystal moonlight capable of piercing dragon scales and humanities only source of rebellion against their dragon overlords. But now there is only one left, and he has nothing left in his life, which means he has nothing left to lose.


2. Enter the Demon

"Hatham" the voice whispered into his ear.
Hatham fluttered his eyes slightly, awaking from his deep sleep but still in a mood where he would rather everything in the world was quite for just five more minutes.
"Hatham, wake up" the voice said again, a warm hand shaking his arm
Hatham moved his again hand against the floor, blades of grass moving in between his fingers and a warm summer breeze blew across his face, traces of pollen making his nose twitch as if about to make him sneeze.
"Come on you can't sleep all day!"
Hatham finally opened his eyes, rubbing the sleep out of them and pushing himself up on his arms till he was leaning against the tree behind him. His vision corrected itself and in front of him sat Priss, his life long childhood friend and a girl that made his heart skip a beat and his stomach swoon every time he saw her. To most of his neighbours, Priss was merely the plain girl out of many of Hatham's friends, but to him she was the prettiest girl he had ever met and surely ever would meet.
He gazed into her sky blue eyes and admired her freckled face and dirty blonde hair.
She caught him looking and they both immediately turned their heads away from each other and blushed massively. She was always embarrassed and could never take a compliment no matter how hard Hatham tried but to him that was one of many cute things about her.
At the same time they both turned back to look at each other and she stood up in a crouched positon, he plain white dress only just scraping the floor and she offered out her hand to him, to help him up.
Hatham reached out to take her hand and as his fingers stroked against hers she burst into flame.
The fire consumed her body and she screamed until all Hatham's hand clutched was an ash shelled hand that became brittle in grasp. The wind became harsh and as it raced past him, Priss' body shattered and blew away in the wind, towards the red blaze that was his home.
Then everything turned to nothingness and Hatham was left floating in blackness, his feet still stable but below them was nothing but an empty abyss.
"Your memories are quite gruesome, lost so much yet gained nothing but despair for the sum of all you have done in your short life as a human." the voice was soothing and Hatham felt a cold exhaled breath hit his face yet it provided no warmth. Long white human arms wrapped around his shoulders and embraced him in a cold imitation of a hug.
Hatham turned his head to looks behind him and he was met with a pale but beautiful face that sat it's chin on his shoulder. It's features were feminine and it's eyes were a harsh cold blue that seemed to draw him in an calm him no matter what had happened. It's hair was long and as white as winters eye. It's bare body rubbed up against his back and it's breasts pressed against him making him blush as it's sheer nakedness. He has never experience the body of a woman or a girl, he had always imagined it would be warmed but it's features had no warmth, no cold, it was simply just there. He looked down realizing he too was standing there in his bare nakedness. The cold hands on him spun him around so his bare chest rubbed against it's own chest.
"Why do you think of me as 'it'?" It asked.
Hatham froze, his eyes drawn wide at it's voicing of his own thoughts. At his surprise, it smiled a smile of pure delight and bit it's lip.
"Don't you like this form I have chosen to visit you in?" It backed off of him and twirled showing off every feature of it's female body once again making Hatham embrace the awkwardness and embarrassment of his situation.
"I am a she." It, no, 'she' purred "Well she was a she, Priss, that was her name wasn't it?"
Hatham stared in shock as her hair become a slightly more blonde colour, a dirty blonde, a hair so beautiful that it sent butterflies to his stomach and skipped a beat in his heart.
"This is what she would have looked like." She giggled and strokes her hand through her hair turning it into a shimmering white and yellow once more. She turned once again showing off the curvature of her buttocks and further down below between her legs and gave him a quick wink. "Well do you like it?"
"What are you?" Hatham asked, his voice losing it's steadiness with every breath he took.
Her expression turned instantly from coy to serious, so quickly in fact that it almost Hatham move back a step in fear.
"I am you." She said in that same cold voice "And you are me".
"I...I don't understand" Hatham stuttered in response.
"You should, you were the one that accepted me into your body." She slowly walked towards Hatham as she spoke , yet he was too afraid and confused to move back further away from her. Part of him even felt intrigued and curious to who she was and how he was not dead.
"You are probably the most clueless human I have ever seen but I suppose I have no problem explaining myself to you. I am a demon."
"A demon?" Hatham couldn't believe that his Uncle Ron had been telling the truth with all the stories he had grown up with as a child.
"If you are going to repeat everything I say this is going to be a very long conversation Hatham."
This was like a slap to the face and Hatham immediately closed his mouth when he realized it was still gaping wide like a fish's
"Okay, but how do you know my name?"
"Because any thought you have, I have as well." Her smile grew wider "Where do you think we are right now? On second thought don't even attempt to answer that, you are obviously clueless, we are inside of your mind, the space in which both your consciousness and my existence now share since demons have no physical forms of their own on this plane of reality".
None of the words the demon was saying made any sense to Hatham but even a boy that was no highly educated could still understand what she was trying to get across to him.
"Wait, so back at the city, when I was dying you needed a body and I needed to live so you made a deal with me, like Uncle Ron told me in the legends".
"Even legends have a sliver of truth Hatham. It is the way of life all demons follow, ever since the Old Ruler let us through into this world and made the pact that allowed us to take over your human forms but leave your mind still in control. You should count yourself lucky, out of all the burning,screaming human bodies I chose you".
Even though he felt that he should be grateful to live, Hatham didn't. Other people could have been saved, his mother, Uncle Ron.
She could have saved Priss. He could have saved Priss, if he had been strong enough, maybe not just crawled away in terror and hid away within the alley of one of the neighborhoods.
He ran away and left Priss to die.
"No"  Hatham said to himself, I was scared, afraid, I would have died if I had stayed in that street.
You left her to die
You left her to burn
You left her to scream, and it is all your fault.
Tears began to stream from Hathams eyes and run down his cheeks and he cradled his head in his hands, trying not to let out the babyish moans of despair that screamed to be let out of him.
A soft hand touched his shoulder and another pulled his hands, one by one, away from his cheeks and stroked them delicately and this seemed to calm him as he looked deep into the woman's eyes. 
"There, There Hatham, no matter what you may think or say to yourself, it was not your fault that your friend died" Her voice soothed him and a cold relief washed through his body as her hands rubbed his cheeks and moved to his shoulders pulling him into her embrace. "You do not need her now, you have me, and I will be here for you always".
With that she kissed him softly on the cheek and pulled away from him, a gentle smile on her face.
Hatham wiped away the remnants of the tears on his face and managed to smile back at her, for the first time since the disaster, he felt a warm love inside knowing that this thing was here for him.
"I...I;m sorry I don't even know what to call you". His throat was horse and rough from the crying but he didn't care at this point.
She smiled again and moved forward once more to to hold him.
"You can call me..." she wrapped her arms around his body "Priscilla".
Hatham no longer felt lonely, he could feel his body and mind mixed together with Priscilla's and he felt whole. What's more, he had a purpose and with Priscilla's help he could learn what abilities near death had brought him, and together vengeance was within his grasp. 





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