Skin deep

In a dusty, old bookshop two people have their lives changed forever when a secret is revealed and the dangerous consequences along with it...


2. 2

Bryan stumbled out of the shop in a daze, the cold wind whipping his face and him into denial and quickly panic. 
   He clamped down his teeth to avoid a maddened scream escaping his lips. It came out as a low squeal. 
   He spun round to see the bookshop unchanged and quiet like the strange creature that lurked at the basement level was never there. And he had even been rational during the whole exchange like that thing was, was still Cady. He even gave it the theatre tickets. 
   He shuddered and his fingers touch his lips lightly where she had kissed them. Remembering the way their lips moved and remoulded against each in the name of passion. But her fangs came to his mind and his hand dropped. 
   "No it's unnatural, that weird thing which is meant to be Cady," he thought becoming hysterical.  
   His feet began to carry him away. 
   "I had a crazy conversation with her after that kiss too about fairytale princes and princesses!" He thought and grinned at the absurdity of it all. Night was almost in full swing, the street lights now lit the dark streets. Bryan dipped in and out of these pools of light.
   "What sort of creature is she?" Bryan said out loud like the world would provide the answer straight away.


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