All These Little Things (Part 1 of 3)

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The five super-hot, sexy boys part of the boyband known as One Direction. The five are traveling the world on their tour, Take Me Home. Once they reach Los Angeles, however, Harry spots a girl named Lily Matthews in a Jack Wills magazine as a new model, and instantly develops a crush on her. By mistake, a couple of the boys reveal on a twitcam that Harry likes Lily. A few days later, something goes terribly wrong with Harry at one of the concerts, and Lily and her best friend, Megan McCaffrey, set out to find the boys and figure out what's going on with Harry. Soon after, someone robs the Jack Wills store, causing Lily and Megan to lose their jobs. With a little help of the boys, the girls uncover the thief, discover romance, and have to face a very difficult truth at the end.


10. All These Little Suspicions

Lily's POV


I heard the sound of wails coming from inside the studio as Megan and I walked in that morning. I thought it was a model who had just been fired, until I saw Miss Alex standing where we were about to take pictures. Her face was all puffy and red and she held which looked to be about five tissues up to her face. I never thought I would ever see her cry, she just seemed so strong and brave.


"Uh.. Miss Alex?"


She turned around and looked at the both of us, and it looked like if she said anything else she would cry harder. "Oh, hello girls," she sniffled. 


"What's the matter?" I asked.


"Last night five Jack Wills stores in California were robbed, as well as our studio." Tears began spilling out of her eyes as she held up more tissues to her face.


My mouth dropped open. "What?! That's terrible!"


"I'm afraid we'll have to close the studio."


Megan's mouth dropped open. "What about our jobs?" 


"I’m sorry.. but they will be lost," she said, turning away.


I stared wide-eyed at her. "No, we can't lose our jobs!" This was the only thing that was supporting my family right now.


"I'm sorry," Miss Alex said for the last time. She quickly walked away from us, with tears still running down her face.


"Meg, I gotta talk to you," this was too suspicious too fast.


"Sure, what's up?"


"I think Miss Alex robbed the studio."


She looked at me in horror. "How could you even say that?!"


"It’s obvious, isn’t it? She won’t give us our jobs back because she wants the money all for herself!" I hope Megan didn't think I was crazy. This was totally reasonable!

"Come on, Lil, let’s not jump to conclusions."


"But how can't we? It's obvious she wants us out."


"And Tommy, the best photographer in L.A., out too? I doubt it."


She had a point. "Something’s very fishy... and I’m gonna get to the bottom of it."


"Lil, give it up. Miss Alex didn’t rob the stores! She loves Jack Wills so much! This is literally where she lives!"


She kind of had a good point, but not good enough to convince me. I haven't trusted Miss Alex since the day I met her, and I wasn't planning on changing that anytime soon.


Harry's POV


I sat in my bed topless listening to the news. I heard something about a robbery, but thought nothing of it until Jennifer Perry began talking about it.


"..and we are very sorry to say that Jack Wills stores and the main studio were robbed last night," she said as I perked up in curiosity. "Unfortunately for all you Jack Wills lovers, the stores and studios will be closing for a while. Police say they can’t find any trace of the thief.. Could they be a ghost?"


That was ridiculous, but I was still intrigued, yet upset at the same time. I shut off my television, put on my bathrobe, and headed down the stairs to find Liam sitting in the living room scrolling through twitter on his phone. 


He looked up from his phone. "Hey."


"Hi," I said, rolling my fingers through my hair.


"Something wrong?"


"Uh... Jack Wills is closing for a while."   


He perked up at my words. "Really?! Why?"


"The studio and some stores got robbed last night."


"That sucks. Do Megan and Lily know about the stores and the studio closing?"


"How should I know?"


"Why don't you call Lily?"


"I don't have her number."


"I have Megan's."


I looked at him. "When did you have time to get that?"


He blushed as he spoke, "We kinda exchanged them when we met."


I had a hunch that Liam was falling for Megan.


"Can you get me Lily's?"

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