All These Little Things (Part 1 of 3)

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The five super-hot, sexy boys part of the boyband known as One Direction. The five are traveling the world on their tour, Take Me Home. Once they reach Los Angeles, however, Harry spots a girl named Lily Matthews in a Jack Wills magazine as a new model, and instantly develops a crush on her. By mistake, a couple of the boys reveal on a twitcam that Harry likes Lily. A few days later, something goes terribly wrong with Harry at one of the concerts, and Lily and her best friend, Megan McCaffrey, set out to find the boys and figure out what's going on with Harry. Soon after, someone robs the Jack Wills store, causing Lily and Megan to lose their jobs. With a little help of the boys, the girls uncover the thief, discover romance, and have to face a very difficult truth at the end.


11. All These Little Surprises

Lily's POV


I would've been outside trying to figure out who robbed Jack Wills, but it was pouring out. Instead, I was watching television when suddenly I heard my phone ringing. Nobody was home, so I was the only person who could answer it. I groaned, walking over to my house phone on the kitchen counter. I grabbed it, not even looking at the Caller ID, and picked it up.


"Hello?" I said lazily.


"Hey, Lily."


The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Who is this?"


"It's me, Harry Styles."


I rolled my eyes. What could he possibly want? "Oh... hey."


"Listen, I’m sorry about the other day. And for the record, I know you don’t have a boyfriend."


I smiled a little. "Oh.. sorry about lying. I feel awful I’ve never done that before.." It was true, I had never really lied before.


"It’s fine.. You don’t have to like me."


I instantly felt bad when he said that. "Oh, uhm well..." I couldn't think of anything to say.


"Well anyways, did you hear about the Jack Wills robbery?"


"Yeah, we heard this morning... How did you find out?"


"It's all over the news."


"It is? Crap..."


"Is that bad?" He asked.


I was a bit worried about the paparazzi, but I didn't want to bother him. "No, it's just-"


He cut me off. "Lily.. you can tell me anything. I promise. Don’t be afraid to. I’ll always be here for you."


I smiled even bigger. Maybe Harry wasn't that bad of a guy after all. "Thanks, Harry."


"Now can I come in please? It’s really wet out here.." 


"What do you mean?"


"Open your front door."


Before I could say anything else, he hung up the phone. I walked over to my front door and opened it to find Harry standing, soaking wet, in a suit with a bouquet of a dozen roses. I was absolutely speechless.


"Harry! Oh my God, come inside!" 


He handed me the roses and stepped inside.


"Thank you," I said softly. 


He smiled as I closed the door and sat down on my couch, him following my actions. I held the roses for a moment before speaking.


It became really awkward really fast. "So.. how are you and the guys?"  


"Fine, we're working on some new music."


"Oh that's cool." What was I supposed to say?


"So uh.. I’d better get back to the guys.. you know, with everything going on.." He rose from where we were seated.


"Uhm, yeah! Definitely..."


I walked him over to the door. He looked me in the eyes for a moment, then grabbed the handle. 


"I'll see you soon." He began running out into the rain.


At that moment I don't know what came over me, but some part of me wanted him to be mine. 


"Harry!" I called out after him.


He turned around, rain pouring down on him, as I ran out into his arms. We stayed there for a minute, getting soaked as the rain poured harder by the minute. I finally looked up into his beautiful green eyes.


"Bye, Harry," I said, pulling away slowly. 


The last thing he touched was my hand, almost silently begging me to come with him. I watched him get into his car, barely taking his eyes off me, and eventually he drove away, leaving me in the raining, smiling from ear to ear.


Harry's POV


As I drove home I couldn't stop thinking about Lily. Her blue eyes, her perfect smile, everything about her was beautiful. I got home and got out of my car to find that it wasn't raining anymore. I guess I was so lost in my thoughts of Lily I didn't even notice that it had stopped. I went inside, going to my room without saying hello to the boys. I quickly peeled off the wet suit I had on and got into an all black outfit. I hung my suit up to dry and quickly jogged down to the kitchen where I found the boys all playing Go Fish.


"Got any fives?" Zayn asked Niall. As I entered he quickly spotted me, noticing my outfit. "Going somewhere, all in black, without me?!" He asked, seeming offended.


I replied with a simple, "Yup."


Zayn thought I was being sarcastic. "Huh, that was weird. I thought he just said 'yup'."


"Go fish!" Niall said, answering Zayn's question to him.


"I did. I'm going out for a while," I told him.


"Aren't you worried about the paparazzi?" Liam asked me.


"I said go fish!" I could tell Niall was getting annoyed, but at this point it was hysterical.


"Nah, they're my least problem," I said.


"Haz, where are you going?" Louis asked me. I could tell he was concerned about me, but I didn't want to tell him, not yet anyway.


"Out," I told him.


"Out where?"


"Dear God why do I even play with you people?!" Niall asked, throwing his cards on the table. Apparently at this point he was the only one not concerned about where I was going.


"Just somewhere," I said.


Louis rolled his eyes at me. "And where is this 'somewhere'?"


"Just a place! I'll see you lot later," I said walking out the door.


Liam's POV


I watched as Harry left the house, making sure he left the driveway before I began speaking.


"Alright, plan B. We go after Harry."


"What was plan A again?" Niall asked, grabbing some pizza from the fridge.


"Force him to stay here."


"Well that's a little harsh," Niall said, taking a bite of the pizza.


"Yeah, but come on, we ALL know he wants to find the robber/thief who broke into the Jack Wills stores and studio."


"Since when?" Niall, Zayn, and Louis all asked simultaneously.


"Really guys?" I asked, disappointed with their lack of knowledge on this.


"So you’re telling me we have to stop our game of Go Fish, and turn into Juan Direction and save Harry?" Why was Niall still hooked up on the game?? We ended it, like, ten minutes ago!


"We are One Direction, and more like stop him," I said, confused with what Niall was trying to say.


"No! Juan Direction, in Spanish!"


Zayn looked at him in confusion. "I thought you were Irish! And what is Juan Direction?"


Niall's POV


"Ok! Three, two, one, open your eyes!!"


Liam, Louis, and Zayn all opened their eyes, to find themselves dressed in mustaches, Mexican clothes, and sombreros, while I was dressed as a large taco.


"This is Juan Direction!"


"I knew this was a bad idea," Zayn muttered.


"Oh, it'll be fun!"


"Niall, would you mind telling me why we just wasted fifteen minutes of our lives getting into these ridiculous costumes?" Liam asked.




I grabbed a black mustache and began putting it on Liam's face, making sure his eyes were still closed.


"Niall, what are you putting on my face?" He asked.


"Oh, you'll see!"


"I knew this was a bad idea," Zayn said.


End of Flashback


"I thought it was nice bonding time with you lads!" I admitted.


"Yup, because fighting over a mustache is great bonding time!" I think it was sarcasm, but I couldn't tell.


"I know right?! Plus, if we’re going to spy on Harry-"


"I thought we were finding out where he was going?" Louis interrupted. 


"No, we're stopping him!" Liam corrected.


"Right.. well if we’re going to do those things we’re gonna all need disguises!" I said, smiling at my brilliant idea.


"Right, because Harry definitely won't know it’s us," Zayn said sarcastically.


"Niall, you’re dressed in a giant taco costume, I think he’s gonna notice," Liam said.


"Well one thing’s for sure, if he sees you he’ll automatically begin eating you," Zayn laughed.


"That's a good point, but not good enough."


Megan's POV


I heard knocking at my door as I looked up from my Harry Potter book. I got up and looked out the peephole to see Harry standing at my doorstep.


I quickly opened the door. "Harry?" I questioned.


"Hey," he said, out of breath.


"What are you doing here?"


"I'm here to help."


Oh God, he knew about my period pain problems. "Uhm... Harry that's sweet but this is my personal problem..."


"Personal problem? It's all over the news!"




"Yeah, Jennifer Perry's been talking about it all afternoon."




"Why is it a problem that everyone knows about the robbery?"


I froze, realizing I had just yelled about nothing that he was asking about. "Oh, uhm, who doesn't?" I smiled nervously.


"Good point. I want to find out who it is."


"The thief? The police are already on it. You can’t."


"Who says I can't?"


"Me." I couldn't let him go out there alone, not without protection.


He stepped back onto the grass. "Well I’m sorry but your way isn’t going to work this time."


I crossed my arms in front of my body. "Good luck with that! But don’t come running to me if something goes wrong!"


"Fine!" Harry walked off into the night.


I was about to close my door when a purple van pulled up to my house. Louis, Niall, Zayn, and Liam climbed out in ridiculous costumes, Niall's being the most ridiculous. 


"Uh, guys?" I was confused about what was going on.


"Hi, did Harry say where he was going?" Liam asked.


"Were you stalking us..? And why is Niall in a giant taco costume?"


"That’s for us to know and you to find out," Louis answered.


"Alright then.. and not really.. he said he was going to find the robber of the Jack Wills stores and studios."


"I KNEW IT! HAHA!" Zayn screamed out, putting a fist in the air.


"No, you didn't," Niall said, giving him a confused expression.




Niall smiled. "You're welcome."


"Well I’m sorry I don’t know Harry’s exact location."


Liam stepped up in front of me and smiled. "That's alright, Love. We'll find him."


I smiled at Liam. I had to admit, even in a Mexican costume, he still looked pretty hot. We were so close to kissing until Zayn ruined the moment.


"C'mon Li, let's go!"


The rest of the boys climbed into the van while Liam still stood in front of me. 


I pulled him into a hug. "Just be safe, alright?"


"I will." He softly kissed my cheek and left me standing on the porch, breathless.

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