All These Little Things (Part 1 of 3)

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The five super-hot, sexy boys part of the boyband known as One Direction. The five are traveling the world on their tour, Take Me Home. Once they reach Los Angeles, however, Harry spots a girl named Lily Matthews in a Jack Wills magazine as a new model, and instantly develops a crush on her. By mistake, a couple of the boys reveal on a twitcam that Harry likes Lily. A few days later, something goes terribly wrong with Harry at one of the concerts, and Lily and her best friend, Megan McCaffrey, set out to find the boys and figure out what's going on with Harry. Soon after, someone robs the Jack Wills store, causing Lily and Megan to lose their jobs. With a little help of the boys, the girls uncover the thief, discover romance, and have to face a very difficult truth at the end.


15. All These Little Plans

Lily's POV


I woke up to my alarm playing Something Great by One Direction. I got up, quickly showered, and headed downstairs for breakfast. I found my mom at the table reading the newspaper. She can be so old fashion sometimes, but I love her.


"Hey, Mom," I said, sitting down.


She looked up from the story she was reading. "Good morning sweetheart! How are you?"


"Fine, thanks."


"So your father and I were going to go mini golfing today, would you like to join us?" She asked.


I hadn't told her about Harry or me losing my job yet. I quickly looked for an excuse. "I can’t. I’m going to be out for the day, sorry."


"With Megan?"


I figured the truth was gonna come out one way or another. "No... Harry."


"Harry? Harry who?"


"Harry Styles, of One Direction."


She laughed, obviously not believing me. "That's nice dear. Would you like breakfast?" 


"No, I'll just grab Starbucks or something," I said.


The doorbell rang and I walked over to get it.


"You shouldn't be spending your money on that shit," she said.


"It's my money," I said, opening the door to find Harry standing with a box of chocolates.


"Hello, Love," he grinned, kissing my cheek and handing me the box.


"Lil... who is this?" My mom asked.


"It's Harry!" I exclaimed, putting the box on the kitchen table.


"Styles? Of One Direction?"


"Yes, ma'am," Harry told her. "We'll be back later," he said, putting an arm around me and guiding me to the door.


"Can I ask where you're going?" She questioned us.


"Um... Just on a drive!" I said.


"At nine in the morning?"


"Yeah, why not?" I smiled, walking out of the house in Harry's arms.


The second we were outside, he picked me up bridal style and carried me to the passenger seat, carefully placing me inside. He quickly got in the driver's side and drove off into the early morning.


"So, Tommy called and said he would meet us at Jack Wills at eleven," Harry told me.


"So why did you pick me up early?" I asked, already knowing the answer.


"Cause I like spending time with you," he grinned, grabbing my left hand as he drove down the road.


I blushed a little, and he looked at me for a moment.


"Harry watch the road!" I said.


"Are you blushing?" He asked me.


"Watch the road, Styles," I replied.


"I think that's a point for me," he smiled.


I couldn't help but smile back. He was perfect, absolutely perfect, and he was all mine.


Two hours later


I felt like we had been searching for hiding places forever. There were only a couple of really good ones, the others were so visible from inside the store. 


"Find anymore, Love?" Harry asked.


"No," I said. Harry walked over to me and looked me in the eyes, his green orbs staring into me. He was about to kiss me when we heard a car engine pull up.


Tommy peeked out from the driver's window as he parked the van he was driving. "Hey, guys!" He waved.


"Hi, Tommy," I said.


"So where should I set up cameras?" He asked.


Harry pointed over to the main entrance. "Over there I guess, and then inside too. Alex gave us the keys," he said, throwing them over to Tommy.


"Alright! Sounds good," Tommy said, grabbing some tech stuff and heading over to the main door.


"So how many hiding places have you found, Love?" Harry asked me.


"Three, what about you?"


"That's perfect! I found two," he smiled.


"Where are the three of us gonna hide?" I asked, referring to us and Tommy.


"You and I will hide in Liam’s car, watching nearby, and I’m pretty sure Tommy said he’d be in his car so he can watch the cameras," Harry explained.


"How though? There’s like seven or eight of them."


"He’s got like mini TV’s on his car wall, it’s pretty cool."


"Oh, sweet. Gosh I'm so nervous," I exclaimed.


"It'll be fine, I promise," Harry assured me.




"... and when they go into the store, call me or Lily on our phones so we can make sure the trap is ready outside," Harry finished explaining.


The boys, me, and Megan were all seated around One Direction's kitchen table as Harry went into more details about the plan.


"Why doesn’t just one of us do it? It would save time," Zayn said.


"You guys need to stay where you are. Trust me, this is gonna work."


"Just a question, why my car?" Liam asked for about the thirtieth time.


"Cause if it gets stolen it won’t be my problem," Harry told him.


Liam rose up out of his chair a bit. "Oh, it'll be your problem."


"Guys! Do you all understand what to do?" I asked them.


"I think so," Niall answered.


"Great, now go get changed," I told them.


"Into what?"


"Black clothes."


"Can mine have white stripes?!" Louis exclaimed.


"Does our underwear have to black too?" Zayn asked.


"-and can mine have carrots on it if we do??" Louis butt in.


"You have carrot underwear?" Liam asked him.


"Why does it matter to you?"


"Oh, it matters..."


"Come on, lads, let's go," Niall said.


The four of them ran upstairs, and Harry turned to Megan.


"Megan, Lily and I are going to pick up Tommy and Miss Alex now. When the guys are finished, walk down to Jack Wills. It should only take you five to ten minutes. We’ll meet you by the entrance. Call me or Lily when you get there."


"Alright! See you guys later!"


Harry and I quickly exited the house and got into Liam's car. Harry began driving and I was tempted to ask him a question that had been on my mind for a while.




"Yes, Love?"


"Do you think we’re going to catch the thief?" I asked.


"I believe that the only way it will work is if we stay positive and that we have faith in each other. I’m pretty sure this will go well."


"Pretty sure??" He didn't seem too convincing.


"We can only hope for the best, Lil. I’m really sorry."


"For what?"


"I feel terrible about this."


"Why? You didn't do anything."


"I know, but for some reason I still feel this is my fault in a way."


"I promise it’s not, Harry. I promise, everything will work out in the end."


Harry didn't speak for the rest of the ride. After about five minutes we arrived at Miss Alex's house. She was already waiting outside. Harry stopped the car and she walked up to it.


"Good evening, Lily. Harold."


"Harold?" Harry muttered.


"Hi, Miss Alex. Do you have the fake money?" I asked.


"Yes I do!"


"Awesome, hop in!" Harry exclaimed. Miss Alex quickly got in the back and Harry drove away. "Anyways, thanks again for helping out, Miss Alex."


"Call me Alex, and no problem! I want my business back in business!" She exclaimed.


Before I knew it, we were at Tommy's house and he began climbing into the car.


"Good evening, everyone!" He exclaimed.


"Hello, Tommy," Alex smiled.


"So nice to see you again," he told her.


"Where's all your camera equipment?" I asked, noticed he had come in empty handed.


"It’s already at the store. I set it all up before, remember?"


"All of it?!" I asked in shock.


"Yup. I get that shit done fast," he laughed.


Harry had stopped the car and I realized we were at the store.


"OK then.. Um so Alex, you should go start setting up inside, and Tommy... where are you hiding again?" Harry asked. I could tell he was stressed out.


"In my van, remember? I left it here."


"Oh, right," he replied, running his fingers through his hair.


"I should probably go, I have turn a few things on. Good luck!" Tommy said, getting out of the car.


"Oh guys, wait! Here," I said, handing them both walkie-talkies. "Take these. We’ll 'call' you guys when we’re about ready."


"Sounds good!" Alex said, following Tommy out of the car.


I was nervous about tonight, but excited. We were finally going to catch the thief.

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