All These Little Things (Part 1 of 3)

Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne. The five super-hot, sexy boys part of the boyband known as One Direction. The five are traveling the world on their tour, Take Me Home. Once they reach Los Angeles, however, Harry spots a girl named Lily Matthews in a Jack Wills magazine as a new model, and instantly develops a crush on her. By mistake, a couple of the boys reveal on a twitcam that Harry likes Lily. A few days later, something goes terribly wrong with Harry at one of the concerts, and Lily and her best friend, Megan McCaffrey, set out to find the boys and figure out what's going on with Harry. Soon after, someone robs the Jack Wills store, causing Lily and Megan to lose their jobs. With a little help of the boys, the girls uncover the thief, discover romance, and have to face a very difficult truth at the end.


5. All These Little Conversations

Lily's POV


I, being the brave soul I am, decided I was being stupid and took out my laptop to continue with what I normally did, typing horror stories. I heard a small knock on my door and watched as my mom entered my large room.


"Hey, Mom."


"I can't believe you're not watching!"


"Not watching what?"


"You're on the news."


I started sweating like I had just run five miles. Why was I on the news? Did it have anything to do with the video I posted? I grabbed the remote, turning to the news channel to find a lady named Jennifer Perry talking about me and One Direction.


"Oh Lord..." I was afraid to listen, but quickly turned up my volume, curious to hear what people were saying about me.


"..and we went up to their house and all of the boys except Harry showed up at the door. Earlier today, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik all revealed Harry had a secret crush on the new Jack Wills model, Lily Matthews, but are they dating? We say yes, but others say no."


My eyes widened at the last few words. Me? Harry? Dating? Hell no. I was NOT going to let this happen. I turned off the TV, extremely annoyed at myself. "I can’t believe this! My first day- which I’ve barely started the job- and everyone thinks I’m dating Harry Styles!"


"But I thought you wanted to be famous?" My mom asked, sitting on my bed and brushing my hair back.


"No, well yes... but I don't want rumors spread about me."


"Everyone goes through it, sweetheart. It won't last forever."


"Mom, what if it gives me a reputation?"


"It won't. Harry isn't some bad boy, right?"


"No... he's really sweet. Or at least, that's what everyone seems to think."


"Right, you can't get a bad reputation if two good people are involved."


"But don't two good people equal something bad?"


"No, not necessarily." 


I had a feeling she was confused with my question. "What am I gonna do?"


"Just leave it. All you can do right now is hope that she won't go back to the boys, or Harry. If she comes near you just ignore her."


"Where's Paul when you need him?" I asked, remembering that Paul was One Direction's personal manager.


My mom stood up and left me laying on my bed. "I'm going to start dinner, I'll call you when it's ready."


"Mom, I'm gonna have a friend over for a bit, just til dinner's ready."


"Alright, go ahead!"


I pulled out my phone and dialed Megan's phone number. I hadn't seen her since my interview with Miss Alex; someone had informed me she had been put to work, so my dad had to pick me up that day. 


After the second ring Megan answered, "Hello?"


"Hey, Meg. Are you busy?"


"No, why?"


"Can you come over for a bit? It's kind of important."


"Sure! I'll be there in ten."


Before I could even say thanks, she hung up. I closed my laptop, not sure what my next move should be.




"I know! I saw the rumor too. Jennifer Perry is really evil when it comes to this stuff. She’s always doing this to people, but I’m still really unclear why this is so bad. It’s Harry Styles!" Megan had been sitting on my bed for about twenty minutes while I sat in my wheely chair twisting my hair around, as she tried to convince me that dating Harry wouldn't be as bad as I thought.


"First off, I’m not ready for a boyfriend, and second, I’ve never even met him!" 


"Well then you guys need to meet!"


I froze at her words. "No.. I can’t meet or date him. He’s nineteen I’m... seventeen. He's way out of my league anyway."


"So? He goes for any age! Remember he dated Caroline Flack? She was like, what, thirty or forty something?"


"I know but... she's beautiful!"


"So are you! Why do you think you have this job?"


She had somewhat of a point, but I still wasn't convinced. "I don't know. Why does it have to happen to me though?"


"It’s typical Hollywood. This is what happens to people like us. We get ourselves noticed, and then someone stupid has to come and ruin it."


"It doesn't happen to people as big as One Direction or Ed Sheeran..."


"Yes it does! Remember when everyone thought Taylor Swift was pregnant because of Harry Styles?"


"OK! TMI, first of all. Second, nobody shipped them anyway, so what does it matter?" I hated the Haylor relationship, and I hated Taylor even more after she wrote two songs about Harry.


"Exactly my point! Nobody will ship you guys!"


That completely shifted my mood. "Wow, thanks for the encouragement!" I replied sarcastically.


"You know what I mean. If you guys did go out, your ship name would probably be either Lilry or Hily, because Larry is already taken."


OK, now she started to not make sense. I quickly nodded in agreement, hoping she'd shut up.


"Do you not know Larry?"


I mean, I'd heard of it, but I never got into ships with the boys. There were always fights going on in the fandom, and I never wanted to be a part of that. "Not really..."


"Oh man, we need to work on your 1D knowledge," she laughed.


"Sorry. I really don’t know them too much. I just like their songs. Like I know who they are, I can tell them apart from one another, I just don’t know their background or history."


I stared at Megan as she gave me a blank look, her mouth wide open. "OK, you seriously need to listen to me right now and take out a notebook, you have LOADS of notes to take."


I grabbed a pen a paper, laughing at her silliness. I was excited to learn about the boys, but afraid to know where all the information would take me.

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