Love & Protect


"We're here to protect you" the man with brown eyes said, there were five men surrounding me.

All of them were looking at me, they were all wearing suits and they were all very cute.

"Why?" I asked confused, this is so weird maybe it's some joke or...

"Because your life is in danger" the man to the left of me, he had a different accent from all of them, from what I could tell it was Irish.


Carly's life changed dramatically ever since she meet these five guys, what she doesn't know, is that she also changed someone else's life.


3. Chapter 2

Carly's POV:

**The Next Day**

I got everything settled in, i cleaned up the place yesterday. Surprisingly it was still in good shape. I took out all my clothes from my suit cases and put them in my room.

I need to go grocery shopping today, there is nothing to eat and im starving. I grabbed my keys and phone then locked the door and walked to the taxi that i called earlier.

"Where to" the man asked turning around in his seat

"To the nearest grocery store" i replied as i put my seat belt on.

after a few minutes of driving we made it and i paid him and he left, it actually wasnt that far away from the house.

Everything here is so different from florida, im going to have to get use to it. I walked into the shop and grabbed some fruits, vegetables, snacks, meat, junk food and anything else i needed i went to pay for it.

As i was waiting in line i saw someone staring at me from afar, i looked around to see if they were looking at me or someone behind me but there wasnt anyone behind me, when i looked back at the man he was gone. Weird...

Once i got home i made some breakfast.


I decided to walk around and get to know the place more and because i have nothing to do. I looked at the time on my phone and it read 12:00

There were lots of different stores, like bakerys and restaurants i cant wait to try the food here, the food smells really good. there are lots of houses and a park near by. It looks really beautiful

There is a lake on one side and you can take boat rides, i gotta try that some time.

I ran into some people and they were all nice, once i told them that i just moved in my mothers house some would say that they new her and that she was a really great friend. My mothers name was Amy.

I walked and walked and walked, i didnt realize the time went by so quick. When i looked at my phone it said it was nearly four. I should start heading back home. I got up from the park bench and started walking back from where i came from.

I passed the stores and waited to cross the street when i felt someone tap on my sholder, i turned around to face them "Yeah this is her" he spoke into a speaker

What is he talking about? Just then he pulled out a gun and pointed it to me then grabbed my arm and started pulling me across the street "Don't make a sound and come with me"

His grip on my arm was tight as he pulled me "Hey let go of me" i said struggling to get out of his grip

"Didn't i tell you not to speak, i wont hesitate to shoot you right now" he spat and let go of my arm and pushed me forward so i could walk while he pointed the gun at me

"I'm telling you, you have the wrong person" i said stopping and held my arm in front of me "I didn't do anything bad"

He stopped "is your name Carly Robertson" he kept holding the gun towards me

I hesitated "Y-yes" why didn't i say no

"Then i didn't get the wrong person" he said and pushed me to keep walking

"Hey Carly, long time no see right" A guy with short brown hair with a beard said as he came up to me, i don't know who this is

He looked at me then the stranger with a gun, suddenly in a blink of an eye he had the stranger in a headlock and the gun in his hand.

"Wha- How do you know my name!?" i asked confused

The stranger started fighting to get out of his hold and suddenly the gun flew in the air but he caught it and pushed the stranger into the wall and cuffed his hands together

"Get out of here, there might be more of them" then he grabbed the stranger and pushed him and started walking away

"But how do you know my name" i yelled out to him

The guy just walked away tucking the gun away in his back pocket. What does he mean 'There might be more of them' why are they after me?

i ran a hand through my hair and sighed just then i heard another voice "Hey you!" he said shouting to me waving his arms trying to catch my attention

Please dont let it be another one of them "Yes you" he shouted "Come here, hurry!"

I started walking towards him, he hasnt tried kidnapping me or poited a gun at me... yet

hopefully hes good. I followed the man into an alley, i ran trying to catch up to him, he was so far ahead of me i was getting tired "Can you please..." i said catching my breath "slow down"

"Just keep moving" he said and didnt stop walking or turn around

i huffed and continued walking, suddenly the alley got darker and the sun was blocked and the wind started to pick up. Is there going to be a storm?

Trash was flying around and trash cans were being knocked over because of the strong wind. "were almost there" how is it this bad when the sun was just out?

Once we reached the end of the alley we ended up at an empty parking lot, the man stopped and looked to the sky, my hair was blowing wildly. I looked up to see what he was looking at and saw a helicopter flying towards us

"We're here, get in" he said then the door opened and another man with blonde hair stuck his hand out "come on"

"Who are you guys? how do I know your not going to kidnap me" I said standing there with my arms crossed

Should I trust them? "it doesn't matter just get in" he said sternly

"Yes it does, I'm not getting in with some strangers that I don't know and won't tell me where we are going" I replied backing up

Suddenly the man I was following grabbed me and shoved me into the helicopter and the man in the helicopter grabbed my arm and pulled me in.

"I've got her, lets go" he said and the other man for in and closed the door

Are they kidnaping me!? "let go" I screamed and struggled in his grip, suddenly the helicopter started flying over the buildings, to late to get out now....

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