Chalk And Cheese

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  • Published: 17 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2014
  • Status: Complete
*** Winner of the Dead Ends Competition***
Tria is the kind of girl that nobody messes with. She has her own group, her own rules and her own life. After all, her parents are too busy snogging in the living room to care about her. And when the new girl comes along, Tria assumes that it will be one more lonely idiot cast away into the un-known lands of Un-Popularity. But Erin suddenly seems alright and amongst the chaos at home and strangeness at school, a strange and bizarre friendship starts to form that no one could ever expect...
*Cover credit goes to @CrownOfShadownight for her amazing cover!*


4. Sneaking Out

The cool night air whips my face and strokes my hair. Erin walks alongside me, blending into the dark night. My brain shrieks at me to turn back, but somehow I manage to push the yelling aside. I've never really yelled at many people, most teenagers yell at their parents, but my situation is different. The worst I can do is interrupt their kissing session but they will just end up watching a romantic movie.

"Erin..." I say but stop myself. How can I refuse? She's finding out who she is! Who am I to stop her? On the outside she seems fine, but I imagine her on the inside. Twisted, scared, empty. How can she have dealt with not knowing this before? I feel something inside of me. I almost gasp in shock. I feel respect.

We approach the building, tall and looming against the black sky. She was right, I can see on top an open window, bright light beaming up and spreading around the roof in an ominous glow. From behind her back, Erin produces a rope with a loop. Expertly, she hooks the aerial and begins to climb up. I’m in shock but grab the end of the rope and begin to yank myself up.

It takes a while for me to reach the roof and Erin has to hoist me up as I cling frightened to the edge. We stand on top and as I stand against the stars and the glimmering moon, I feel strong. I feel like I can do anything just because I’m up here on a roof.

Un-hooking the loop from the aerial, Erin slots herself into the loop and pulls it tight. Handing me the end, she looks straight into my eyes and gives me the instructions.

“I’m going to drop down through the window. You’ll lower me down and at one point you’ll feel the rope go light. I’ll be out of it so you hook it onto the aerial, lower yourself down and run. Inside I’ll find the files I need, stuff them in my jacket and open the door from the inside. Once I’m out, I’ll run too.” I nod slowly and she stands by the lit window.

I look at the light. It’s bright and looks warm and comforting. Anybody inside must feel warm. Anybody inside… The light’s on! Somebody’s inside!
“Erin wait!” I yell but she jumps down and I feel her weight tug down on the rope. I pull at the weight and then one shrill, piercing scream rings through the air.
                                                                           And then a bang.

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