Chalk And Cheese

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  • Published: 17 Jul 2014
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2014
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*** Winner of the Dead Ends Competition***
Tria is the kind of girl that nobody messes with. She has her own group, her own rules and her own life. After all, her parents are too busy snogging in the living room to care about her. And when the new girl comes along, Tria assumes that it will be one more lonely idiot cast away into the un-known lands of Un-Popularity. But Erin suddenly seems alright and amongst the chaos at home and strangeness at school, a strange and bizarre friendship starts to form that no one could ever expect...
*Cover credit goes to @CrownOfShadownight for her amazing cover!*


1. Newbies

I’m used to newbies, they come roughly every month. Usually they’re freaks dressed in blacks with silver piercings, geeks with neatly ironed jumpers, moody teenagers that don’t care about school work or moody teenagers that care too much about school work. It’s practically impossible to not fit into those groups, to stand out and actually be popular. So how come Erin did?

I knew there was a new person as soon as I walked through the startling yellow gates leading to school or as I like to call it: Boredom Jail. Chelsea was busy gossiping away on her phone, which she claimed to be so old you could sell it for a pile of horse crap and still be better off. Her Mum’s too poor to buy her a new one, so just talks away and makes the most of it.

Natasha was trying to flirt with Brad, who was clearly rejecting her, and she was practically attaching herself to him. Every time Natasha took a step closer, Brad took a step away. You’ve got to hand it to her though; she never stops trying. Especially when it involves a super hot guy that is one year above us.

Emily was doodling over her tie again, balanced on top of the box where we hid the cigarettes and half-empty bottles of booze. Occasionally we skip class or sneak out and smoke one or take a sip. The teachers are so dumb here you could probably get drunk right in front of them and they wouldn’t even notice.

To be honest that’s pretty normal, but it’s when you see that Chelsea is talking really fast and that Natasha keeps glancing over at the gates and Emily is doodling a person I’ve never seen before that something is different.

As soon as I sat down next to Emily, Natalie detaches herself from Brad and Chelsea hangs up. When I’m here, everything is about me. Why not? I’m amazing and everyone knows.

“So, who’s joined the stinking mass of idiots at this school?” I ask, taking a look at my phone at the time. We have ages until the bell.

“I don’t know, some new girl.” Natasha sighed, her eyes glancing over to where the new girl must be, and looking back.

“She’s a new girl, our year called Erin Groves. She has brown hair, greasy, and blue-grey eyes. She used to go to the high school on the other side of town but she came over here because her grades were slipping badly. We get all of Morely’s rejects, so I’m not surprised. As far as I know she doesn’t smoke but she drinks, no piercings or tattoos and her skirt is the length to be seen as geeky slut.” Trust Chelsea to know everything. She’s always on top of the gossip and what’s going on in everybody’s life.

“Oh god, she’s coming over,” moaned Emily, slipping her pen in her blazer pocket. It falls out the hole in the bottom and I pick it up, sliding it into my own. I’ll give it back later.

“Great, being seen talking to the new girl is social suicide,” groans Natasha and I nod. Here, the new people are rejects that are cast away into the un-known lands of Un-Popularity. Erin struts over, raises her eyebrows and surveys us. I know for a fact that I am going to hate this girl, whether I want to or not.

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