Up All Night

Bella is just a high school teenager. She's a brunette with green eyes. She's not one of the populars, but she isn't unpopular. Quite the average teenager. That's until her parents dump her into a Care home and her life is ruined. Will a stuffy Care home ruin her life completely?


2. Birthday

For my birthday, I got an iPhone 5c. I basically screamed the place down when I tore off the baby blue birthday wrapping paper. 

'Thank you so so much mum! And you dad!' I leaped on them both and hugged them, squeezing all of the air out of their bodies. I was surprised dad didn't scream at me. He would normally do a lot worse than just screaming...

Once, we were having pizza for tea. I was about 10 and I was sipping my orange juice. When I was reaching across the table for the tomato ketchup, my cup fell on the floor, stained the new carpet as well as smashing my mums new glass.

My dad got up out of his chair with no shoes on, stomped across to me with his chubby pink feet and grabbed me by my shoulders. I knew I was in for it. He lifted me above his head and threw me half way across the room. Luckily, I landed on the sofa. Hurriedly, I lifted myself up and suddenly felt a sharp pang go all the way up my leg. I couldn't walk. I couldn't run away in time. By then, I was howling in fright and pain. He told me to stop whining or I'll be in more trouble. I tried but I couldn't stop. So he punched me. Right in the eye. Whilst this was happening, mum just sat at the dinner table staring in fright puffy eyed. 

I found out later on that I had broken my leg. Dad made me tell the doctor that I'd walked into a lamppost. He didn't seem to believe it but he didn't ask any questions. 

Although I hated my dad, I loved my mum. My dad was an abusive cow, my mum was kind and she stuck up for me. Just not in front of dad. Dad abused her too but she was too afraid to tell anyone. My dad is scary. He acts like the most normal dad in front of my friends. He jokes around. He plays silly games. No one knows the real him. Apart from me and mum.

'I'm glad you like it sweetie!' Mum said, hugging me back. Dad stayed limp and stiff. He really didn't seem to like me hugging him. I let go of him and stared. Dad hadn't even said happy birthday. 

'What are you staring at kid?' He said the word 'kid' with a spit. As if he couldn't be bothered to remember my name. This annoyed me. I did something that I truly regret...

'You. You haven't even said Happy Birthday. I tried to hug you and you pulled away. What's your problem?! I try to be nice and you spoil it by being the pig that you always are!' I daringly gave him a small punch on his fat stomach.

I was so shocked. I never even dared to ask my dad for some more salt on my chips, let alone do that. 

He stared back and I backed away slightly. And it was going to happen again. I would go to school with bruises all up my face. 

This time he seized me by my leg. He pushed me violently into the wall. Oblivious to the fact that there was a window right in front of us, he started strangling me. I struggled and struggled. I didn't know what to do. I tried kicking back but he just squeezed harder. I panicked. I thought I was going to die. 

He finished strangling me and shoved me onto the floor. He trampled all over me. And I mean all over me. I tried to get back up but my dads threat to throw me out of the window made me lie still.

Sirens. That's all I remember. Our neighbour had witnessed the scene and called the police. Dad got put into prison for child abuse. Mum cried all the time. My life from then was a blur. So that's all I remember.

Haiii 💞 so idk what to say lol whale Amelia was a bit daring lol and her dad went a bit over the top :/ 😂 Thanks for reading and follow me on:
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