Neko Romeo & Juliet

So you know the classic love story? Yeah well it's about to get combined with cats. In Greece's version of this classic love story.


1. Proluge That's not right!

                                                  " America. Did you fall asleep again during the Shakesphere performance?'' England asked. Abrupt snores filled the room answering England's question. " I didn't fall asleep England,'' Greece said. " Oh really? That's a first,'' England scoffed. " Wha-aat?'' America woke up. "Well let him recount it if he remembers it,'' America offered. " How come you choose this moment to wake up?'' England's temper started to raise.

                                            " I heard you some what,'' America answered. " Well let's hear Greece's version. Then let's hear mine,'' France said. " NO,'' America, England and Greece yelled together. " That's mean,'' France replied sadly. " So what you bloody wanker! If it's your version it's bound to be perverted,'' England told him. "Let's get on with Greece's version, dude!" America said in his loud voice.

                                         " I agree with America-san,'' Japan added politely. " So yes let's begin. Wait will there be pasta?'' Italy asked. " Wait HOW DID HE GET IN HERE?!" England yelled. " Japan invited him,'' America answered for Japan. "WILL YOU ALL STOP ARGUING!" Germany yelled. " Let me guess Italy invited him," England replied sarcastically.

                                    Germany stiffly nodded. " So there was a handsome british short hair named Romeo. And there was a beautiful tortoiseshell cat called Juliet....."  " WAIT A BLOODY SECOND THAT'S NOT HOW IT GOES AT ALL!'' England nearly blew a gasket. " Oh calm down Iggy. Greece go on,'' America said. " Thank you. Now where was I???" Greece continued with his story.

                             ( Author's Note. This whole thing is dare. and when she said cats I couldn't help but think of Greece from Hetalia)

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