Future Mrs. Styles… Maybe

Hi I'm a girl that got her parents taken away from her. I'm a girl that got her right to marry who she wants taken away from her too. Whoever knew that it ended in such a positive way? Well everyone knew except for Harry and I. I'm now Angeline Marie Patterson Styles… maybe… Read and Find out how life is one hell of a roller coaster, you just have to choose if you're going to endure it or derail of the track. The choice is always yours.


10. The Dare

~~*Angie's P.O.V*

"Hey babe!" I heard Harry holler from the top of the stairs.
My heart fluttered at the nickname he gave me. "Yeah?" I yelled back.
"Can you come here for a second?"
I sighed pausing the T.V and walked up the stairs. I walk in… well our room. Well we have been sleeping together(get your mind out of the gutter) so this is technically our room. I find a bunch of clothes on the floor and Harry in front of the mirror. I made a double take to see that he was wearing a tuxedo. I've never seen Harry in a tux, but he looked amazing.
He turned around, sensing my presence. "How does this look?"
I was lost at words and it's all thanks to him. I cleared my throat. "You look good." I then saw his bowtie was tied in a weird shape.
I laughed and walked towards him. "Let me help you with that."
I walked towards him and grabbed him and unloosened the knot and started over.
"I never knew how to tie a tie at all. Lou would always do it for me. Well she and Gemma." He admitted.
I laughed. "My dad taught me how to." I said remembering the glow in my father's eyes when I got it right. As much as I look like my mom, I have my dad's eyes. People always talk about my mom, but  never really my dad. He was a really great guy.
"Hey now. It's okay." I felt Harry glide his thumb on my cheek. I wiped my eyes, realizing I was crying. He pulled me into his arms, kissing the top of my head.
"I miss them so much." I sobbed. "I didn't have enough time with them."
"I know sweetheart. Let's remember that you have many other people that love you. Your mum and dad wouldn't want you grieving over them." He said rubbing my arm.
I nodded laughing though my tears. "I'm such a baby."
"It's okay to cry once in a while." He said. "It helps let out bottled-up emotions."
I nodded pulling away wiping my eyes. "Okay I think I'm good."
"You sure?" He asked me.
I nodded. "Now tell me why our room is a mess and you're wearing a flipping tux."
He laughed. "Well I was looking for clothes to wear at the Brits Award and," He pointed around the room. "happened. I'm finally found the one tux I was looking for and now here we are."
I nodded. "Okay. That's a good choice." He fist pumped.
"But you need to clean up this room." I said sternly.
He groaned. "Hey you messed it up not me."
He began picking up the clothes mumbling something about being careful next time. I nodded and left the room and went back to the living room. I pressed play and my movie resumed. I sat back down, pulling the blanket with me. I was watching Sherlock Holmes. I watched Sherlock fall out the window, when I heard someone coming down the stairs. I looked up to see Harry exit the stairs and into the living room. He flopped down next to me, draping his arm over my shoulder. 
"What are you watching now?" Harry asked uninterested.
"Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." I answered just as Robert stole the journal.
"So…" He began.
I looked at him "So…"
"Remember when I said that the guys and I were going to the Brit Awards?"
"Yeah?" I answered clearly confused.
"I was wondering…" He trailed off again.
"Honestly your about to kill me. Just say what is on your mind already."
He chuckled. "Erm… I was wondering if you would like to come with me."
I looked at him squarely. "Seriously? You got me thinking that you just committed murder but you're asking me that simple question. Are you kidding me?"
He laughed making me punch him in the arm but smiling afterwards. "Sure I'll go with you. What you need moral support for when one of your exes try and talk to you?" I smirked.
He rolled his eyes. "Ha ha very funny." He then got up and went into the kitchen
"I'm not. I was being serious that time." I said giggling and following him.
"You're not funny babe." He said.
"What? You think Taylor just going to show up and say 'Boy can't you see, you belong with me.'?"
He scoffed poured himself a glass of water, then exited. "No."
"Or do you think that Kendall going to make you model with her in the Bleached Magazine. You'll be legally bleached." I said laughing.
He looked at me smirking. "Your jokes are so corny."
Now it was my turn to scoff. "Oh please like your jokes are any better."
He thought for a moment. "Okay fair enough. I bet you I have pickup lines better."
I rolled my eyes. "Please I have better pickup lines than you."
He looked at me. "Okay let's play the pickup game."
I nodded. "Loser?"
"Has to be a personal servant to the other person." He said.
I thought for a moment then shook my head. "No. The winner has to… do the macarena at the Award Show singing 'Sweater Weather' by The Neighborhood."
He looked at me weirdly. "You're really random you know that?"
"Yeah. Now deal or not?" I said holding out my hand.
He looked at me but shook my hand. "Deal."
I then sat down next to him. "Alright you first."
He then put that sincere look on his face. "Are you a fruit? Cuz Honeydew you look fine right now."
I laughed. "Your body is 65% water and I'm thirsty."
"My doctor says I'm lacking Vitamin U."
"Did you read Dr. Seuss as a kid? Because green eggs and…damn!"
He laughed extra hard and I did too. "Really?"
"I had too. Your turn."
"If you were a booger, I'd pick you first."
I bust out laughing. "Oh my god you did not. Anyway, you wanna know what's beautiful? Repeat this sentence again."
He repeated it then his eyes lit up. "Clever. Okay, baby I may not be Sriracha sauce but, I sure will spice up your life."
I rolled my eyes. "Corny. If I had a penny for every time I thought about you, I'd have only one cent because you never leave my mind."
"Would you grab my arm do I can tell my friends that I've been touched by an angel?"
I cleared my throat making my voice softer. "If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put 'U' and 'I' together."
"I'd say God Bless You but he already did."
"Do you have a pencil?" I asked looking at him.
"No why?" He asked.
"Cause I want to start writing our future." I said softly.
He looked at me like he really wanted that. I also wanted that too. He was leaning in and so was I until our lips crashed against each other. Our lips moved in sync, making me run my fingers through his hair. He wrapped his arms around me, making me sit on his lap. We continued this until I pulled away.
"I win." I whispered.
He chuckled. "Whatever."
I pecked his lips. "Someone's going to be headlines."
He looked at me playfully. I then felt the tickling sensation in my sides. I busted out laughing as Harry tickled me. I tossed and turned in his grasp, trying to pry his hands off me.
"What d-did I even d-do?" I asked between giggles.
"For making me lose." He said smirking evilly at me.
"P-Please stop." I begged.
"Say 'Harry is awesome'." He said simply.
" H-Harry is a-awesome."
He stopped tickling me, making me breathe right. I glared at him. "You’re so mean."
"Nope just charming." He said flashing me a dimple smile.
I couldn't help but poke his dimple. "I swear some girls have dreamed of poking your dimple."
He laughed. "Thank goodness you're not one of them."
I rolled my eyes. "Whatever I still won."
"You're always a winner in my book." He said inching near me.
I pulled him near but I knew what he was doing. "You really want me to forget about this don't you."
"Sorry but you're a sore loser so you have to do it." I said unemotionally.
Like I'm about to miss a point in time where I humiliate you.
He looked at me. "Were you serious when you said that?"
"What?" I asked.
"When you said that you wanted to start a future with me, did you mean that?" He asked clearly.
"Of course I meant that." I said stroking his cheek. "You showed me that you care for me more than anyone I encountered in my 13 years of living."
He smiled. "I'm glad I'm fulfilling your happiness like your parents did."
I leaned against him. "I bet you they're very grateful that your keeping me happy."
He cradled me in his arms. "That means a lot. I hope they know I'm willing to anything to make their daughter happy."
I smiled. "I think they already know."

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