Future Mrs. Styles… Maybe

Hi I'm a girl that got her parents taken away from her. I'm a girl that got her right to marry who she wants taken away from her too. Whoever knew that it ended in such a positive way? Well everyone knew except for Harry and I. I'm now Angeline Marie Patterson Styles… maybe… Read and Find out how life is one hell of a roller coaster, you just have to choose if you're going to endure it or derail of the track. The choice is always yours.


3. She's Broken

*Angie's P.O.V*


Please repeat that." I said between my teeth.


Patricia looked at me weirdly.

"What else is there to-"


"I wasn't talking to you." I snapped at her.


"Anne what did you say?" I calmed my tone. 


She chuckled. "We said that you and Harry are getting married."


Once again, I froze in place. I feel the apple from this morning coming up my throat fast, way too fast. I loosens my shoes really quick and ran into the bathroom. 


Once I reached a stall, I let it out. Not just the food, the anger, sadness, name calling, fights, and starving. Yes I was treated like a Cinderella stepchild. Once I was finished, I sat on the toilet and cried. I heard the door being open but didn't stop. 


"Angie?" A husky british accent called out. 


I stopped crying and opened the door and saw the person I least expected. Harry Styles.


*Harry's P.O.V*


I ran after her after she went in. I heard vomiting so I gave her sone time. I then heard her crying. I opened the door and walked in. I heard her sobs. 


"Angie?" I called out. I heard the door unlock and Angie walked. Her hair was messy but alright. Her mascara was running down her cheeks but she was still pretty. 


"Oh Angie." I soothed. I pulled her in for a hug and she accepted it. She molded in my arms perfectly, like she was made for me. She wrapped her arms around me and began crying again. 


"Its not fair." She whimpered. I stroked her hair and she began to calm down.


"I know sweetheart I'm sorry. I really am." I sincerely said. I rubbed her back and she finally calmed down.


She raised her head and went to the sink area. She saw her reflection and her eyes widened. 


"Oh my god! I look like Hillary Duff." She exclaimed.


I laughed at her comment. She smiled at me and continued cleaning her face. Just then the door busted opened and in stepped Patricia and Richard. Patricia's face was red as hell.


"What was that!?" She asked Angie.


"Hello to you too Patricia." Angie replied.


"Angeline Marie Patterson I have no time to play. Answer the question." Richard sternly said.


"I'm fine how are you today." Angie said as she finished her mascara.


Angie then turned to her. "Now to answer you're question. I walked out into a bathroom to vomit something I ate this morning. There are you happy now?"


Patricia then turned to me. "Harry could you please give us a moment."


I looked at Angie and saw she nodded her head. I sighed sadly. 

"Yeah sure." I looked over at Angie and mouthed 'calm down and be careful'. She mouthed back 'don't worry'. I nodded and walked out of the bathroom. 


I went back to the table to see my mom pacing. I walked over and tapped her on her shoulder to catch her attention. She turned around to see me. 


"Is Angie okay?" She asked. 


I nodded. "Yeah she's okay. Just a little shock."


She looked away and began pacing.

"Oh that poor girl. What have I done? She already lost her parents and now… oh Alice please forgive me."


"Mom. You didn't do anything wrong. It was Patricia. Who was I really supposed to marry?" 


"You were supposed to marry Daphne but Patricia said Angie and I blindly agreed to it."


I looked over at Daphne and she winked at me. She was probably 16 or 15. I am now happy that she said Angie. 


"Its not your fault its Pat-" I heard the bathroom door opened and turned around in time to see Angie run out of the restaurant. I let go of my mom and ran after her.


I can't lose her. After all she is my fiancé. I exited the restaurant and looked everywhere but couldn't spot her. I was about to give up until I spotted her. She was under a weeping willow with her head in between her knees. I ran over there to her not caring about anything.


When I reached over there, I held her in my arms. She looked up at me and smiled. A broken smile. A smile that only a person would wear after they've lost everything. 


"Angie I'm so sorry." I said. She then buried her face in the crook of my neck. She sobbed for a minute or so. 


She then lifted her head again. "Sh-She told me I was worthless. That I was lucky you even looked me in the eye. Then she slapped me." 


She started crying again. I stroked her hair and rubbed my hand on her arm.


"I'm so sorry love I really am. You don't deserve this." I said.


She wiped her eyes taking off her mascara. I rubbed her tear stains off her face. When I was done, she laid her head in the crook of my neck. I rested my head on hers. I closed my eyes. I really need to show her a better life. I raised my head and looked down to see Angie sleeping. 


She looked really adorable. I took out my phone and saw that it was 6:00 p.m. I put it back in my pocket and shook Angie awake. Her chocolate eyes then appeared from under her eyelids. She rose and stretched. I stood up and helped her also. 


"We have to go back." I said.


She pouted." I don't want to."


I laughed at her cuteness. "I know you don't but if you don't, they'll start worrying. Plus you need to show Patricia that you are worth being stared at. Which you do deserve."


She then gave me the puppy eyes. "Carry me?"


I rolled my eyes. "Sure babe."


She smiled at me. A genuine smile. A smile that only a person would wear after they've found hope. 


I lifted her up bridal style and began walking again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head. We arrived at the restaurant and once I entered, my mum came rushing over. 


"Angie dear are you alright? I'm so sorry darling. I almost forgot about Alice and Derek. My dear I'm-"


"Its alright Anne. You're a very sweet woman I think my parents will understand. I accept your proposal but Harry." She paused to look at me. "Has to ask me right."


I smiled at her. "I will just not today. We've been through too much today."


She nodded agreeing. "Sure. It was nice meeting you Anne." 


My mother smiled. "You look so much like your mother." With that mum left.


Angie then turned to me. "Give me your phone."


I looked at her in confusion. "Okay…"


She took it and typed in something. "I put my phone number there. You'll know its me."


She then left to go in the car with Patricia, Richard and Daphne. They drove off as soon as she closed the door. 


I hope she's alright.

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