Future Mrs. Styles… Maybe

Hi I'm a girl that got her parents taken away from her. I'm a girl that got her right to marry who she wants taken away from her too. Whoever knew that it ended in such a positive way? Well everyone knew except for Harry and I. I'm now Angeline Marie Patterson Styles… maybe… Read and Find out how life is one hell of a roller coaster, you just have to choose if you're going to endure it or derail of the track. The choice is always yours.


9. New Life

~~*Angie's P.O.V*

"Oh my goodness Anne aren't they adorable?' A voice said.

"Patricia dear I don't think we should be in here. If Angie wakes up... well you know." Anne's sweet voice said.

Patricia scoffed. "Oh please she wouldn't do anything. Would she?"

"Keep talking and watch what happens." I said with my eyes close.

Harry chuckled making his chest vibrate. I kept my eyes closed feeling sleep come back to me. But of course Patricia doesn't want that. She scoffed for the 2nd time today.

"Angeline please get up. We have to pla-" She couldn't finish her sentence because I got up and began hitting her and Anne with the pillow and driving them out the room. As soon as they were out, I slammed the door, locking it, and climbed back into my spot, on Harry's chest. Did I forget to say he was shirtless?

"Angeline Marie Patterson! Open this door right now!" Patricia yelled while Anne laughed.

I felt Harry playing with my hair, knowing that he was woken up. "Sorry." I said.

"Nah I was up since they came in." He said curling a piece of strand with his fingers.

I closed my eyes trying to get some more sleep when there was a knock on the door. I groaned making Harry chuckle. He said come in and the person entered, quite loudly might I add.

"Angie as much as you and Harry look cute together, I actually want to spend time with you before I give you away." Eleanor's voice rang in my ears.

I looked up and saw her in this. "Okay give me 40 minutes." I said grumbling things after.

She looked at me. "What I don't wake up flawless okay? I take a very long time." I said.

She nodded and left. I put my straight back on Harry's chest and closed my eyes. "Do you have to do anything today?"

"I have a signing at 2." He said. "I think you should get up."

I groaned. "No your very comfortable."

"When I come back, we'll cuddle all day okay?" He said.

I sighed. "Fine." I got off and waddled to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and frowned. My hair looked like a crow's nest. This is going to take a LONG time.

*After 40 minutes of tangling and untangling*

I walked out the bathroom with this on. I walked down the stairs seeing Eleanor talking to some blonde girl. Who is she? I walked towards Eleanor.

"Okay I'm ready. Hi my name is-"

"Angie its so nice to finally meet you. Eleanor has talked a lot about you. My name is Perrie" She hugged me catching me by surprise.

I patted her back and let go. "It's nice to meet you. Love the shirt."

She smiled. "Thanks."

"Okay now that we are all on name bases lets get going." Eleanor said.

We all got into Eleanor's car and drove to the nearest mall. We put on our glasses and put our beanies tighter on our heads to not get seen by any fans. We walked into a dress shop and saw that it was nearly empty with people. I browse through some t shirts trailing away from Perrie and Eleanor. I found this shirt and smiled. I love graphic tees. Some of them have true meanings while others are just silly. I felt someone tap on shoulder and saw it was Eleanor. She was holding up a very elegant gown.

"So the guys are going to some award show and I'm attending so I need a dress how does this look?" She said in one breath.

I laughed at her. "It looks perfect but get other choices. Hm they have an award show. Maybe I will watch it if I'm not busy cooking."

"What do you mean? You're going." Eleanor said.

"What? No I'm not Harry didn't even ask me." I argued.

"Please go?" She begged.

"Why must I go? Perrie will probably be going."

"Because this will be the 3rd time I see you in a gown. Please?" She said with the puppy eyes.

I huffed and my hand through my hair. It would be nice to go to an award show but imagine the hustle to do my hair and makeup. I looked at Eleanor's face and sighed. "Fine I'll go."

Eleanor jumped up and hugged me making us fall down. "Okay as much as I love you, get off of me." I said.

She laughed and pull me up. We saw Perrie at the cash register who was signing a paper. We walked over and the cashier squeaked. She was jumping up and down also. "Oh my gosh! Eleanor Calder and Angie Patterson and Perrie Edwards in one day!? Can I take a picture with you three?"

I was shocked. Somebody wants a picture with me? "Sure darling what's your name?" Eleanor answered for me.

"Christine. Let me just say that you and Louis are so cute together." She said and took out her phone.

She snapped the picture and smiled widely so I just decided to hug her. "It was really nice meeting you but we have to go."

She squeezed me. "Can I just say that I support Hangie all the way." She said holding up her wrist. On it was the word 'Hangie'.

I looked at her in confusion. "It's you and Harry's ship name. It's been trending all over Twitter since that interview." Perrie explained.

I had an 'oh moment and thanked Christine. We left the store and walked through the mall chatting about what not. We mostly talked about the encounter with Christine. "That was very weird."

"Well you're going to have to get use to it now that you and Harry are engaged." Perrie said.

"Thank God I adapt very quickly." I said.

They laughed at me and chuckled. We walked out to be bombarded with people with cameras and recorders. Ugh paparazzi. I would love to answer their questions but they change the story so I keep my mouth shut. We slipped on our glasses.

"Welcome to the celebrity life." Eleanor said.

"Ugh my new life." I said as we dodged the questions.

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