Future Mrs. Styles… Maybe

Hi I'm a girl that got her parents taken away from her. I'm a girl that got her right to marry who she wants taken away from her too. Whoever knew that it ended in such a positive way? Well everyone knew except for Harry and I. I'm now Angeline Marie Patterson Styles… maybe… Read and Find out how life is one hell of a roller coaster, you just have to choose if you're going to endure it or derail of the track. The choice is always yours.


8. Annoying Aunt

*Angie's P.O.V*



"Patricia as much as I was forced into an arrange marriage and now have to find a wedding dress, I really don't have the energy to look right now." I whined.



"Oh lighten up Angeline. This is the best part of wedding planning." She said smiling real hard.



"Where I get dragged against my own will to look for a dress?" I said raising my eyebrows.



Anne and Gemma laughed while Patricia rolled her eyes. I smiled at my own joke.



"No kill joy." Patricia said. "The part where you have your 'yes to the dress' moment."



I raised my hands in surrender. "Okay this might go well. My choice of dress right?"



"Actually. I already picked your dress." Patricia said walking in front of Anne and I.



I looked at Anne who had her hands in surrender. I sighed inwardly. Once again my free will has been revoked from me. I didn't even get to choose my theme for the wedding. Luckily, the theme she chose is something I like. A Winter Wonderland theme. Can't you just picture it? I, Angeline Marie Patterson becoming Angeline Marie Styles? Yeah me neither. I went back into reality to see we were walking into a dress shop called Cherish Bridal( real place). I walked in being blown away by how many dresses there were.I swear if I was to sew all these dresses, then I would have a quilt large enough to cover the U.K. A petite woman came with a skip in her step and a smile on her face.



"Hello." SHe chirped. "My name is Sherry. What can I help you with?"



"She must be a happy go lucky person." Gemma said quietly.



I nodded. "No bull."



She laughed shaking her head. I smiled paying attention to the conversation in front of me.



"Oh! Let me see the bride to be." I walked in front of Anne and Patricia so Sherry can 'examine' me.



"Oh my she is beautiful." She said meeting eyes with me.



I smiled and held back a comment. I didn't want to come off rude but people just state the obvious to much.



"So do you have the dress I ordered?" Patricia asked.


"Oh yes. I'll be right back." She said and walking away to get the dress.



I sighed and suddenly remembered Eleanor was coming today. I hope this doesn't take long. Sherry came back with the dress.



"Well here it is. Your wedding dress." Sherry said.



"Great now let's try it on." Patricia said clapping her hands together.



I sighed and trudged into the dressing room, with Sherry following me. I sighed and began taking off my clothes leaving my undergarments on. I let Sherry put the dress on and tighten it. The bust was a little tight but I think that is what Patricia was aiming for. When Sherry tied me up, I walked out.



"Oh my goodness Angeline!" Patricia said.



I rolled my eyes. Lord God, when will she stopped calling me by my whole name?



"Would you please turn around Angie?" Anne asked kindly.



"Yes ma'am." I said and turned around.



"Oh goodness Angeline you look stunning." Patricia said. I smiled at her. "I did a pretty good job at picking." My smiled disappeared when she said that. So many colorful words were running through my head, but I kept my mouth shut.



Anne walked towards me and hugged me. "I see you're trying not to lash out on your Aunt." She whispered.



"You have no idea how much things are going through my head." I whispered.



She chuckled at me, making me smile. "I think I know quite a few."



I laughed hugging her tighter. "I have a feeling were going to have the best mother and daughter -in-law relationship ever."



"I'm pretty sure. Take care of Harry for me okay?"



I blushed thinking about Harry. "Will do."



She smiled, reluctantly letting me go. Patricia came next embracing me. I knew what she was going to say.



"So what did you and Anne talk about?" She asked.



"Just had a mother and daughter-in-law conversation. None of your business." I answered.



"Have you seen yourself?" She asked.



"No people have been hugging me and telling me things of sort."



"Well turn around." She said turning me around. "See? I did a good job right?"



I turned around and saw me. I looked stunning. "Actually my parents did a good job. But if you're referring to the dress, then yes."



Anne and Gemma held in their laughter. Patricia rolled her eyes. "Whatever. Just go change so we can leave. I have things to do."



I fist pumped and did a happy dance all the way to the dressing room, hearing Anne and Gemma laughing at my excited figure. I smiled and let Sherry untie me from my dress.



"Do you like the dress?" Sherry asked.



I looked at her and smiled. "Yeah I love it."



"Well that's great."



I walked out with my regular clothes to the counter, where 3 girls were checking out their dresses. They all turned around and saw me. They all glared at me. I turned around to see if someone was behind me.



"Can I help you?" I said turning around.



The middle one crossed her arms. She had brown hair. "What are you to him?"



"Who?" I asked.



"Harry." She said



I thought for a moment. Should I tell them? I heard that Directioners are very protective. I took out my phone and dialed his number. He answered at the 3rd ring.



"Hello?" He answered.



"Hey Harry how are you?"



"I'm fine. Listen can I tell some of your fans about our… recent situation." I whispered so they couldn't hear me.



"Um... yeah you could. Then when I go for a interview, I can confirm our engagement."



I smiled. "Okay. Just in case I call you again, answer like 'Yes my beautiful fiance' or something related to the A.M"



"What's the A.M?"



"The Arrange Marriage."



"Oh okay."



I laughed making the girls listen in. Time to put on my acting skills. "Alright sweetheart I got to go."



He laughed. "Alright bye."



"Bye." I hung up and put the phone in my pocket.



"Sorry Harry was calling me?" I lied.



"Well are you going to answer our question?" The girl to the right of the brown haired girl said.



"Yes um he's my... fiance." I said.



They all looked at me and laughed. "Yeah right and I'm his mother."



"No I'm his mother." I heard Anne say.



THe girls in front of me froze when Anne came into view. I smirk at them. Sarcasm is good and bad. Sometimes it can help you or crush you. As for me... I have good luck... sometimes.



"Angie dear. We're ready to go. We have a lot of planning to do, due to the wedding." She said.



I nodded. "Well as much as I would have love to argue with you if I was his fiance or not, I have my wedding to plan."



The girls just stood frozen in place. I let Anne guide me to the exit and felt the cool November air other than the smell of fabric. I sighed seeing my breath in small disappearing clouds. I smiled at that. Winter is coming soon. Meaning Christmas in my opinion, the best holiday ever. I also frowned because I'm getting married in December. I huffed and followed the group to the parking lot.



"Hey mind if I catch a ride with you?" Gemma asked. "Mum and Patricia are going venue hunting."



"Sure." I said nodded. "Do you mind if we stop at the airport?"



"Who's at the airport?" She asked.



"A friend of mine."



She nodded. "Well off to the airport we go."



We both climbed in the car, well Harry's car. I took it when he was sleeping this morning. He looked so tired. I smiled at his sleepy state as we waited in a tiny traffic jam.



"So Angie tell about yourself as we wait for Father Time and Mother Nature to stop f-ing with us." She said.



I smiled. "Well for 1, I have a mean sense of humor. I like to go shopping, be lazy, eating, sleeping, and a desire to be kissed in the rain. There's more but we'll be here for another day." I said honestly.



Gemma laughed. "Probably true."



"Oh believe me when I say it." I said.



Thankfully, the traffic began to move, and soon everything was moving very fast. I smiled and picked up the pace to the airport. I felt like getting home and watching Spongebob, with my best friend and future sister-in-law. When reached the airport, I parked and Gemma and I went inside.



"What is her terminal?" Gemma asked following me.



"A-21. She text me earlier that she was right outside her gate." I said.



Gemma nodded still following me. "So is this friend is a boy or girl?"



I looked at her baffled. "It's a girl. Why would I invite a guy to my house when I'm engaged to a popstar?"



She raised her hands in surrender. "Just asking a simple question. Calm your tits."



"My tits are calm. Just growing." I smirked.



She laughed as we reach Eleanor's gate. I spotted her. Her brown hair in a ponytail, her brown eyes looking down at her phone. I finally ran towards her with my arms open. "Eleanor!" I yelled to catch her attention.



She looked, smiled, and stood up justin time to embrace me. "Hey Angie how are you? Has the witch bother you at all?"



I shook my head. "Oh! Eleanor this Gemma. Gemma this is my best friend Eleanor."



Eleanor's eyes widened. "Oh my gosh Gemma!"



"Oh my goodness your friends with Eleanor?"



"Yeah. Wait you know each other?"



"Know? More like she's Louis's girlfriend."



I looked at Eleanor. "Is that why you kept on whispering Tommo in your sleep?"



She punched me in my shoulder, blushing making Gemma and I laughed.




"Whatever Patterson. Lets go before some fans find us." Eleanor said.



"That we must Ms. Calder." I said picking up one of her 3 suitcases.



They both picked up a suitcase and followed me to the car. When we reached the car I heard a faint click like camera going off. I ignored it thinking I was going crazy and climbed in the driver seat. As soon as I started the car, a bunch of people with cameras came out from their hiding place asking questions and their cameras going of. I shield my face from the blinding lights. I couldn't move the car, scared that I might run someone over. The questions started getting to me.



"Who are you?"



"What are you to Harry?"



"Is it true that you two are engaged?"



I then found the courage to beep the horn which cleared it immediately and I drove off. We all sighed in relief. I finally got the taste of the celebrity life. I drove home as quickly as I can. I'm surprised we didn't get pulled over. When we got home, I was the first one to get out. I had to examine the car before I handed his 'baby' to him. Why didn't I just take his Audi? When Eleanor and Gemma got out of the car, they scolded me for driving so fast, how they could've gotten killed and never make babies. I reassured them that that would've never happened and walked in the house, only to be tackled by Harry himself.



"Oh my gosh Angie are you okay? Did they touch you? I swear if they touch I will beat the living-"



"Woah there!" I interrupted. "I'm fine. No they didn't touch me I was in a car. No you don't have to beat the living daylights out of no body because I'm fine."



He inspected me before trusting my statement. "Okay I believe you."



"Great. I'm sure you already know Eleanor, my best friend and Louis's girlfriend."



He looked up and saw her. "Oh hey Eleanor." He then looked at me. "How do you know Eleanor?"



"Well we met in the third grade." Eleanor said sitting on Louis's lap.



The boys nodded now understanding then looking back at the movie. Harry lead me in the living room and sat us both down. I curled up in the crook of his neck closing my eyes.



"You sure you're okay?" He asked.



I nodded. "Never better."



He kissed my forehead and laid back his head. I smiled seeing how much he cared about me. Unlike my annoying aunt who just dampened my self esteem. Sometimes I wish She didn't live. But if she didn't live I wouldn't have met Harry, let alone get engage to him. I hugged him tighter, hearing his heart beat. I only wish that that heart beated for me.


Hey oh! People! I hope you loved this update because if you didnt I did. Plz make sur you share cuz u know u care. Also heart this story because u lov it. I will get back 2 u soon. So sit tight nd go In One Direction :)


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