the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


19. To change

Niall came home overjoyed and he threw himself right into Harry's arms. Harry was about to nose fall backwards, but he managed to eventually regain balance. 
"What happened?" 
Niall held her arms tightly around Harry's shoulders and kissed him before he smiled and giggled. 
"I told it to all the teachers!" 
Harry hesitated. He smiled and took his arms around Nialls waist. 
"Since you are so happy, they must have said that it was okay to be gay?" 
Niall giggled and he nodded. 
"Yes, and the headmaster told me he had seen it coming, but he hadn't dared to ask." 
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"Congratulations, or what I'm about to say?" 
Niall kissed him again and this time he flew up in Harry's arms. Niall took his legs around Harry's waist and he forced the younger boy to keep him up. Harry felt the Irishman pressed himself against him, and it tingled all over. Harry let his hands to land under Nialls butt and he kept him safe in his arms. Niall groaned and he seemed almost excited by everything. He kissed Harry so intense and he let his tongue play party in Harry's mouth.


"Take me!" 
Harry balked. 
Niall smiled with his whole face. 
"I want you to take me here in the kitchen, on the bench." 
Harry hesitated. 
Niall nodded and he was red in the face. He began rubbing himself against Harry's body. 
"Please just fuck me hard and take me now."

Harry put up Niall on the bench and immediately began the Irishman to rip off his pants and underwear. He had boner and he wanted Harry now. 
"Come and get me!" 
Harry hesitated, but finally he pulled down his own pants. Niall tore off Harry shirt and then he took off his own. He sat on the bench with his legs wide apart. He took the hands of the bench edge to maintain. Harry groaned and he pulled down his pants completely. He took the oil that was on the bench and he prepared himself and Niall quickly. Niall groaned and he showed with the entire body what he wanted.


It didn't take many minutes until Harry totally pounded into Niall. Niall held him arms tightly around Harry's shoulders and he moaned loudly. Harry had his hands around Nialls body and he felt himself filled Niall with his cock. They were like mad and they moaned ever higher. It was wonderful and Harry always wanted to have more of Niall.
"The kitchen table?" Niall groaned. "I want you to fuck me on the kitchen table!" 
Harry balked. It was as if Niall was totally changed and he seemed to want to do everything that they've never done before. Harry assumed that Niall dared more, because everyone knew that he was with Harry, but still?


Niall was on the kitchen table and Harry took up Nialls legs over his shoulders. He penetrate again and immediately took Niall his hands on the kitchen table.
Harry gulped and began to move his body. Niall wasn't happy.
"Damn Harry, take me harder. Run your dick so that it feels."
Niall smiled with his whole face, he was out of breath and he looked at Harry. 
"I want to fucking feel your cock and not just knowing it's there." 
Harry groaned. He obeyed Niall and immediately began the Irishman to enjoy. He held the table hard with his hands, to lie still, and Harry moved faster on the body. He thumped straight into Niall and he filled him with emotion.
"Is that better?" 
Niall nodded and he groaned higher. 
"Just fuck me now." 
Harry whimpered. He heard the whole table was moving and it was as if the whole world was moving at the same pace. It was wonderful and he saw that Niall loved it. Harry let one hand slide down between Nialls legs and he started to jerk him off. Niall screamed louder and he seemed almost totally gone. It was as if he gave everything and there where soon no more to give. Harry groaned louder and he felt how he came quickly towards the end. He moved harder against Nialls butt and he shook by the excitement. When he was almost where near the end Niall opened his eyes and he looked at Harry. 
"I want you to come all over me." 
Harry hesitated. 
Niall grinning and groaning at the same time. 
"Just do as I say, Darling."


Harry released Nialls legs and he let Nialls cock go. He stood against him, and he passed his hand quickly over his own dick. He obeyed Niall and he came straight over the Irishman's body. He almost soaked him down. Niall quickly took hold of his own cock and began to masturbate. With his other hand, he smeared out Harry's cum all over his chest and it was as if that was the reason that he came. He whimpered, shaking, and he moved his hand quickly. He came and it splashed out cum.




Freshly showered they put them self down on the sofa. Niall saw at Harry that he didn't understand what had happened. Niall smiled and he crawled up in Harry's arms. 
"I want to do all that stuff that I haven't dared." 
Harry hesitated. 
"But that which happened in the kitchen was a little too crazy?" 
Niall blushed. 
"No, I wanted to do it." 
Harry didn't understand, but he didn't ask any more either. Niall kissed him tenderly and he knew that everything would change. He had plans for the future and Harry would be a part of many things.


Niall came into the store after work. It was such a place where you could buy things for sex. Niall wanted to try and he wanted to surprise Harry. He walked past the shelves and began to think about what he wanted out of the whole thing. 
"Can I help you?" 
The girl behind the counter smiled at him and Niall nodded a little bit. 
"I want to buy something that excites my partner." 
The girl came up to Niall and she really wanted to help him. 
"Maybe your girlfriend want to test a dildo?" 
Niall laughed a little bit. 
"Excuse me, but I'm gay and I have a boyfriend." 
She was surprised, but she didn't seem to care. 
"Okay! So you and your boyfriend want to do something more than the ordinary?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I want to buy things that you can play with and who can innovate everything between us."


Niall laughed all the way home. He had a bag filled with things that would help them in bed. He knew that Harry would be against it, but Niall wanted to try everything with him.

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