the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


2. The camp

The camp for teenagers lasted all summer. Some would be there only a few weeks and other children would be there all summer. It was such a large island that there was room for everyone and about fifty youngsters would stay four and four in different rooms in cottages. In the main house, at the center of the island, was access to television, shower and edited books and more. There was also the dining room, where everyone would in batches for breakfast, dinner and supper. There were staff everywhere and even the most frightened mom would be able to let the kids be loose there.




Niall Horan was sixteen years old. He felt that he was too old for camp, but his family still chose that solution. They didn't have money left over, to let Niall have a unique summer, and the camp was a good solution. 
"You will get many friends." said his mom Maura, but Niall was totally against the island. Yet he followed them to the car and when the boat left the mainland, he realized that he had no choice. He assumed that he had to adjust, but he was against the whole plan. He took with him the suitcase, a backpack and his own guitar. He ended up on his boat over to the island, and all looked as frightened as he did. There were both boys and girls of all ages. Niall guessed that they were all teenagers, but he wasn't sure. Some guys looked younger.


Harry really looked forward to summer on the island. He had been there before and he knew that the leaders always did things for them to do, but you could to swim all day if you wanted. It was like going to heaven and Harry liked to get away from the high houses, the exhaust and all the boring people in the town. He quickly took the bag with him and he smiled with his whole face as the boat drifted towards the island. He saw before him all the fun that was to take place and there was a tingling in his stomach. He knew that not many of the young people would see that he was gay. It was his secret, and he liked to see the guys' bodies when they bathed or changed clothes. Okay, that sounded as if he was filthy, but Harry tried to see everything as something good. Even when it wasn't so fun.




Liam, was the one who ruled most among the leaders, and when the boat came in towards the island it was he who said hello to everyone. 

"All the guys live on the right side of the island and the girls on the left side. It's forbidden to sleep on the wrong side of the island and everyone will be responsible for the rooms. You'll be awake before eight o'clock in the morning, as breakfast is served between eight and ten. Two o'clock we serve dinner and six o'clock supper. The only times that you need to remember."


Niall sighed. He ran his hand through his hair and he saw a lot of new faces. He swallowed and tried to remain calm. He didn't want to make a fool of himself on the first day. but the opportunity was there. He saw how the girls giggled against the guys and he saw that many of the guys were checking out the girls. Was that what would happen? Contest to see who could flirt with most girls? Still, he noted that some guys didn't care. His eyes fell on a guy at the same age as Niall. He had dark curly hair and he looked so damn happy. He smiled and his eyes were anything but serious. Niall sighed. That guy was probably the only guy who would smile, even when you couldn't be bothered to smile.


"If you want to participate in the planned activities, you must notifies your name to one of the leaders on the island." continued Liam and he made ​​everybody listen. "We have a football field, we have a band and we have a theater. You can also join the choir and the last day on the island, you who want to appear, can do so for the parents."


Harry enjoyed. He wanted to be in everything. Okay, he was bad at football, but he could certainly play theater and he could sing. He enjoyed the fact that the summer really was there to stay, and he looked upon all who had come there. He recognized a few faces. Louis had been there last summer and he was good at football. Zayn was the guy that everyone had been afraid off, a few years back, but Harry knew that he just was trying to be tough. Deep down he was a pussy. Harry's eyes suddenly stopped on a blonde guy, that he had never seen before. He was a guy in Harrys own age and he just looked angry. Harry was lured yet to looked at him. He had dyed his hair blond and you could see in his neck that he had originally been brown-haired. He was a little pale, but his face attracted Harry. So cute!


"You shall now go up to the main house. Where there are lists of the cabins that you should sleep in. You will have to take care of the clothes and there are locks in your cabinets, if you want it. You will sleep four in one room. there are two bunk beds, four wardrobes and four lockable drawers for your stuff. "


Niall sighed. He took his stuff and he went quietly up to the house. He looked down at the ground, and he felt how small he was. It would be a long boring summer on an island that he already hated.

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