the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


6. Music

Liam stood at the front of the room and he smiled at everyone who wanted to participate that day. 
"You will learn more than ever this summer." he said, smiling wide. "Music is to experience and you will experience it all." 
Niall sat with Louis and Zayn. Harry sat alone a little further away. Niall felt guilt, because they hadn't spoken since that time when Harry had been all over Niall.
"You will sing and you who want, can learn to play instrument." Liam then looked at Niall. "And there are those who can already play, for example, guitar?" 
Niall blushed. Liam smiled a little bit and came up to him. 
"If you want, we can get to see what you can do now?" 
Niall hesitated. He almost had a panic, but Louis was quick to lean over to him. 
"You're probably better against me on that, guitar, and no one here can play, so it sounds great no matter what!"
Niall looked down at the floor. He picked up the guitar and he nodded a little bit. 
"What shall I play?" 
Zayn was quick. 
"Something good!" 
Niall frowned. 
"Isn't all music good?" 
Liam laughed right a little bit. 
"Does anybody want to wish a song?" 
One girl raised her hand. 
"Forever Young" 
Niall sighed. Typical song to be chosen from a girl. Yet he chose to gather courage, and he began to play the guitar. He played the intro and without thinking about it, he began to sing the song.
"Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while, Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies." 
Niall enjoyed when he played the guitar. It was the only time when he wasn't pondering or thinking of something else. The guitar was his best friend and it never failed him. He loved to touch the guitar strings and he was pretty confident with playing just only guitar. 
"Forever young, I want to be forever young. Do you really want to live forever? Forever, and ever..."


When he finished he heard a cheer and Niall had to lift his eyes. Everyone looked at him and he wasn't prepared to receive the response. 
"Okay!" said Liam directly. "You can be my assistant teacher." 
Niall blushed and he chose not to say anything. He also saw that Harry just stared at him. It was as if Harry was surprised bark that Niall could really play the guitar. Niall met Harry's eyes and the curly-haired guy smiled with his whole face. He gave the thumbs up, which caused Niall to look away from him. Why did Harry influenced him so much? Niall was sure that he wasn't gay, but still it was as if Harry had made him doubt on that idea.


When the music lesson was over, felt Niall had to talk to Harry. It felt wrong to avoid him, and after all, Harry hadn't done anything wrong. 
"Sorry!" Harry said as soon as he saw Niall come against him. "I know you're not gay, and it was wrong of me to..." 
Niall interrupted him. 
"It's okay!" 
Harry gulped and he blushed slightly. 
"I wont let it happen again." 
Niall just smiled. He knew that Harry regretted it and it wouldn't happen again, because Niall could avoid such situations.
"I dare!" he said instead. Harry nodded quickly. 
"And you did it good!" he said, smiling wide. "You shouldn't hide the fact that you can really sing." 
Niall smiled a little bit. 
"I'm just not used to playing in front of other people." 
"Too bad!" 
Niall blushed and looked down at the ground. 
"So we're friends?" 
Harry nodded and pushed him teasingly. 
"Clearly we are friends!"




Harry felt that it had been great to be Nialls boyfriend, but the next best thing was to be his friend. Harry contented himself with that fact and he didn't want to lose Niall. It would feel emptier without him.


Harry was not a stalker, but he tried to always keep up with Niall, although it was boring things that Niall wanted to do.


They ended up on the football field and all quoted directly that Harry was bad at playing ball. 
"You stand in the goal!" said Louis directly. Harry nodded, and he obeyed. It still felt useless to run around after a ball. He still wanted to participate, as Niall seemed to like it.


Harry couldn't help but follow Niall with his eyes. Niall was so carefree when he was in a good mood and he had started to laugh a lot. Harry liked the new happier Niall and he wondered immediately why Niall was so changed. In his mind it was because Harry was there, but at the same time he was aware that Niall wasn't gay and that he didn't want Harry in the same way as Harry wanted Niall.

Harry balked. He saw how the ball came towards him and he tried to throw himself, but still slid the ball into the goal. 
"Damn!" shouted Louis directly and he came towards Harry with quick steps. "You ought to be forbidden to be on our team." 
Harry gulped and he felt small. 
"I'm trying!" 
Louis didn't agree. 
"You can't even be the goalie!" 
Harry was surprised when Niall appeared and he stopped Louis from running up to Harry. 
"Come on, it's just a game!" 
Louis snorted. 
"A game? Are you saying that football is just a game?" he shouted almost cold. "It's too damn seriously as soon as you set up on this."
Niall shoved Louis. 
"Just stop picking at Harry. He can't help that he's not as talented as you are Lou!" 
Harry saw how Louis had to give up, but he was angry. 
"You two are just wimps!" 
Niall didn't care. 
"And? Pussies are valuable too." 
Louis snorted, and he left them. Niall then looked at Harry and smiled uncertainly. 
"Are you okay?" 
Harry's stomach tingling. His legs were weak and he nodded quickly. Niall had defended Harry and he had made to not Louis be more angry. 
"Thank you!" 
Niall just laughed. 
"It's okay!" Then he ran back toward the ball and left a reddish Harry. It was as if Niall really cared and Harry didn't know how he would handle it.

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