the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


9. Four years later

Niall had picked up the last box with things to the apartment. He couldn't understand it! He had finally got hold of a flat in London and he had got a permanent job at a school. He was a music teacher and he looked forward to the fall. It was as if life finally got a sentence and he felt almost like a grown up man.
"I'll call you when I get home?" 
Niall spun around and smiled at his brother Greg. 
"Thank you for helping me." 
Greg laughed a little bit and he looked at Niall with amused eyes. 
"It was my pleasure, little brother." he said with a twinkle in his eye. "Now make sure to handle the job and don't come back to Ireland." 
Niall laughed and walked over to him. He gave Greg a brotherly hug and patted him on his shoulder, as guys do. 
"I promise!"
Greg released him and then he picked up his own little bag. 
"I have a plane to catch." he said quickly. "But I'll call you when I get home?" 
Niall nodded and he saw Greg go out in the hall. 
"Say hi to mom and dad from me?" 
Greg nodded and then he left the apartment.




Harry stood behind the counter and he gave the lady some cinnamon buns in the bag. He worked at a bakery and he loved the job. He smiled at her, and he gave back the money. Then he said nice 'goodbye and welcome back'. He smiled and looked out on the street. It was summer and everyone seemed to be in good spirits. He thrived in London and he loved life he had. Okay, he was single, but Harry was sure that a guy would soon appear in his life.


Harry didn't get to do more than stop working until Louis called on his mobile. Louis was one of Harry's closest friends. After that summer they had begun to write to each other on twitter and since then they had been standing behind each other in any weather. Louis was honest and he was the one who always comforted Harry, when something happened. Okay, Harry might not need to comforted Louis as often as he did back, but he stood up for his friend. 


"Eleanor has a party tonight." said Louis cheerfully. "Are you coming over?" 
Harry hesitated. He smiled at the sun, and walked toward the bus stop. 
"I don't know!" 
Louis didn't give up. 
"Come on, it's Saturday tomorrow and you're free."
Harry laughed a little bit. Louis never took no for an answer and his girlfriend Eleanor was actually fun to hang out with, even though she was a girl. 
Louis groaned irritably. 
"You will!" he said as if it were the last spoken word. 
"Maybe I said." 
Louis laughed. 
"Seven o'clock, and not a minute later." 
Harry smiled and he stopped to wait for the bus. 
"Okay then!" 
Louis was satisfied. 
"So I'll see you in a little while?"


Harry stood in the shower and he felt how he got rid of the smell from freshly baked bread. He washed himself carefully and then took a towel around his waist. He dried himself and did everything he used to do. He put on clothes that suited for a night out and he made the hair a little extra if a handsome guy shows up. Slowly slid his thoughts away and he still remembered his first love. Niall Horan! Still, Harry could feel regret for him and it was as if Niall had crushed a piece of Harrys heart forever. Harry had really loved Niall and when he left the island, Harry had been crying for a week. His mom had finally got the truth. "Your first lucid love?" she had said. "It's always that one that's the worst!"


Louis pulled Harry into the house. It was as if everyone had been waiting for him and Harry felt almost embarrassed. Eleanor came up to him, gave him a friendly hug and laughed happily. 
"Thank you for coming. Louis was about to tear down the walls!" 
Harry was surprised. 
Louis laughed and shook the head quickly. 
"She just exaggerating."




Niall felt satisfied. The apartment looked good and it didn't seemed as if he had just moved in. The last thing he did was to set the order of the bed. He smiled a little bit about the thoughts that went past and right as it was, he came to think about Harry. It was as if the old feelings came back. No one had found out what had happened that summer. Niall had changed his explanation all the time and finally everyone got tired of all that matter. No one knew that Harry was Nialls first love and no one knew that Niall was gay, or almost gay. He liked girls, but they didn't appeal as much as guys. At home in Ireland, he had been going out with a girl. He had wanted to try and actually they had fun together, until she wanted to have sex. It was as if it didn't work and Niall hadn't even got boner. He had only been once with a girl and that was on the island. It was the only time that Niall had had sex, unless you counted that time that Harry touched him.


The phone rang and Niall woke up from his memories, as he had. He replied. 
"Hey, I'm home now!" 
Niall smiled over that he heard Greg's tired voice. 
His brother laughed a little bit. 
"So you miss home?" 
Niall shook his head quickly. 
"No, not yet!"

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