the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


13. First day together

Niall woke up when Harry mumbled something. Niall was lying with his head against Harry's chest and he felt Harry's arms gently hold him. Niall heard that Harry was talking quietly on the phone and he smiled a little bit. 
"Yes, he's here!" 
Pause and small groan. 
"Seriously, he's here and I think that we are together now." 
Niall smiled a little bit more. It felt wonderful to hear Harry talk about being together and it felt okay that it wasn't just one nights stand. They would meet again and Niall liked that idea. The problem was still what he would say to his mom and dad and all home at Ireland. Niall felt he had to be honest with them, if he would continue to be with Harry.


"Who was that?" 
Harry blushed and he balked. 
"Were you awake?" 
Niall grinned and moved up the body, so that he lay on Harry's arm with their faces of the same height. 
"Yes, I couldn't help hearing you." 
Harry blushed just more and he seemed to think about what he would say. 
"A friend!" 
Niall was curious. 
"Okay and what the kind of friend?" 
Harry laughed and kissed him lightly. 
"You'll see him in a few days, but only if you want?" 
Niall nodded and he let his hand slide over Harry's chest. 
Harry grinned and he seemed to like that Niall touched him. Niall let his fingers play with the skin and he found out where Harry was ticklish 
"Okay!" Harry mumbled to an end and made ​​sure that Niall couldn't tickle his skin more. "It was Louis!" 
Niall looked at him 
Harry smiled and nodded. 
"He was on the island with us? Don't you remember Louis and Zayn?" 
Niall stopped. 
"Louis as we shared the room with?" 
Harry nodded. 
"We're still friends."
Niall hesitated. He was unsure and he just stared at Harry. 
"He must think I'm weird?" 
Harry giggled a little bit and he shook his head. 
"I'll explain to him if you want?" 
Niall frowned. 
"We can always wait and see?" 
Harry giggled and nodded a little bit. 
"We have to take one thing at a time?" 
Niall nodded and once again he came to think of what he would say to the family. He wasn't afraid, but he was unsure just by thinking about it. 
"Harry?" he got up. "Does your mom know that you're... gay?" 
Harry laughed and he nodded quickly. 
"She already knew about it when I was young. I said it early to her and she stands behind my choices." 
Niall hesitated. 
"So she didn't get angry?"
Harry shook his head. 
"Why would she get mad? She's my mom?"
Niall smiled and he laughed a little bit. 
"Your mom must be nice?" 
Harry smiled and he looked at Niall. 
"Why do you say that? Aren't your mom nice?" 
Niall hesitated. He put his head against Harry's arm, and he pondered. He realized that he wanted to be honest. 
"She doesn't know the truth!" Niall whispered. He swallowed. "I'm afraid, but at the same time, I want to be with you and tell her about you and tell that to my family." 
Niall was relieved when Harry didn't become angry. 
"Niall, we met yesterday for the first time in a long time? We take one thing at a time, eh?"
They kissed each other. It was as if they didn't want to fuss and it didn't matter what others thought or not. 
"I love you." Niall whispered, and he lay down on top of Harry. "I love you so much and it took me four years to get here." 
Harry grinned. 
"And it took me four years to find you?" 
Niall snorted. 
"It was I who found you." 
Harry disagreed. 
"No, it was me!" he said just to make jokes and so that Niall wouldn't get the last word. "And it was I who was gay first." 
Niall just laughed and he pulled his hands through Harry's hair. 
"Okay, you were gay at first, but I figured it out soon after you."




Harry enjoyed. It was wonderful to have Niall in the apartment and it didn't matter what was happening in the outside world. They donned clothes, ate breakfast and they were like teenagers again.


Louis came over and Harry was totally overjoyed to finally be able to prove that Niall had chosen him after four years. 
"I may perhaps say congratulations?" murmured Louis and he looked suspiciously at Niall. Harry just smiled and he didn't care what Louis believed or thought. Niall was however uncertain and he sat on the couch like a scared little rabbit. 
"So what will you find out to do this weekend?" asked Louis. Harry smiled. He was always with Louis and Eleanor, but now he could be with Niall instead. 
"We don't know!" 
Niall agreed, and he looked nervously at Harry. Louis didn't seem to care. 
"We're having a party, would you two want to come over to me and Eleanor?" 
Harry nodded, but realized that he might ask Niall, but the Irishman just nodded. He looked frightened. Louis laughed right away and he seemed almost amused by Niall. 
"So this is new and you don't know much yet?"
Harry placed himself next to Niall and he felt that he should help him a little. 
"We can call?" 
Louis nodded and he laughed a little bit. He saw at Niall that he was nervous. 
"Come on!" he said why. "I'm glad that Harry met you and it's okay that you're both gay." 
Niall looked up at Louis and a smile appeared. It was as if he had been waiting to be approved. 
"Thanks, I was afraid that you would think I was weird." 
Louis grinning. 
"Harry explained and you showed just up?" he said happily. "It's good that you are now aware that you like guys and I have nothing against it."


Niall threw himself over Harry, as soon as Louis had left the apartment. Harry just laughed and answered the kiss tenderly. It was as if Niall didn't dare to show any open yet, but Harry knew it would take time for him to get used to it all. 
"Can't you take me tonight?" Niall moaned and he held his arms tightly around Harry's shoulders. Harry laughed and he hugged Nialls waist. 
"You are like a little rabbit, you just want more?" 
Niall grinned. 
"But we can't lie in bed all the time?" 
Niall giggled. 
Harry sighed. 
"WE have work to do?" 
Niall grinned a little bit and kissed him quickly. 
"No, I don't start school until in about a month." 
Harry balked. 
"Are you going to study?" 
Niall released him and shook his head. 
"I'm a music teacher at a school."
Harry realized that they hadn't spoken about them self. They barely knew each other and there were many things that Harry wanted to know about Niall. 
"What school?" 
Niall smiled and he sat down on the couch again. 
"Grade seven to nine and the school, located over at the park." 
Harry placed down next to Niall. 
"Is this your first job?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I moved just into the apartment and I've only been here a week now." 
Harry was surprised. 
"Okay What else is there that I hadn't any idea about?" 
Niall seemed to ponder. 
"We can go to my house so you can see where I live?"
Harry thought it was a good idea. They had to get to know each other if the relationship would last.

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