the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


16. Doubt wish

Okay, sex again for you who hate that.




Niall woke up in the morning. He lay down near Harry and he let his hand slide over his boyfriend's chest. Niall felt bad. He really wanted to come out of the closet, but he was so scared. Imagine if people looked down on him? In four years he had tried to be like everyone else and now he felt almost panicked over to show off who he really was. Niall was really jealous of Harry. Partly because he dared, but also because he had a mom who took him as he was. Niall wasn't sure that Maura, his own mom, would say something good. They talked very rare about gays in Horan family and Niall assumed it was because Maura was so sure that none of her sons had that problem. Niall was more certain that his father, Bobby, could approve it. Niall stood closer to his father and they had more in common. Bobby had always been a good leader in the family and Niall looked up to him in many ways. The problem was that Niall had no idea what Bobby thought about different people.


Niall woke up out of his mind when he felt Harry's arms slid around his body. Niall looked up at him and their eyes met. 
"Good morning!" Harry whispered hoarsely, and he pulled Niall against him. Niall put his head against Harry's chest, and he felt confident. It was as if Harry was all that Niall wanted, but Niall didn't dare to follow the fate to full. Still, he convinced himself that he was changing all the time. He wanted to tell the world about Harry and he wanted to show off their love openly.
"You brood of something?" 
Niall nodded and he kissed Harry lightly on the chest. 
"I try to come up with..." he hesitated, and he looked up at Harry's face. "I must have the courage and I want to tell mom and dad about us, but how?" 
Harry groaned and he closed his eyes. 
"Sweetheart, it's not even seven in the morning yet." 
Niall still wanted to talk. 
"But this is important for us?" 
Harry nodded and he opened his eyes again. 
"Okay, what do you want me to say?" 
Niall hesitated. 
"I don't know!" 
Harry smiled and looked at him. 
"That's what I mean. I can't do anything about this and it's up to you. I can't go home to your parents and explain. You must do that!"
Niall sighed, and he laid his head back against Harry's chest. He let his hand slide over Harry's tattoos and he felt small. Harry took his arms a little tighter around him as if he hugged Niall. 
"You want me to go with you to Ireland?" 
Niall nodded quickly. Harry smiled and he looked at Niall again. 
"Okay, I'll go with but then you must really be sure that you dare tell the truth." 
Niall nodded. He let his hand slide over Harry's one nipple and he noted that it reacted. 
"I promise!"
Harry grunted. 
"Keep your hand still!" 
Niall smiled and he let his fingers play with the nipple. He giggled when Harry moved easy on the body. 
"May I not touch you?" 
Harry laughed tired. 
"Yeah, but I want to sleep a little longer."
Niall grinned. He let his hand slide down over Harry's stomach and down between his legs. He felt Harry's member were under his pants and immediately let Niall his palm sliding up and down over it. Harry grunted. 
"But Niall stop!" he whispered a little bit. "I'm tired?" 
Niall didn't stop. Instead slid his hand in between the fabric and he caught up Harry's cock. He let his hand lightly squeeze it and he slowly began to let the hand jacking him off. Harry moaned and he took his arms tighter around Niall. He moved lightly on his hip and he said not no. Niall enjoyed and he allowed his hand to work faster. Harry grunted. 
"Damn Nialler!" 
It was as if he couldn't resist the Irishman and he whimpered. It wasn't long before Harry had boner. Niall enjoyed and he let his head slip down under the covers. He licked it quickly, as if it were an ice cream. Harry groaned and he moved lightly on his hip. Niall let Harry's cock slide in between his lips and he felt the younger boy took his hands over his head.

After a moment, Harry did so that Nialls legs slid up. He pulled up his hips against his own face and without question he pulled off Niall underwear. Quickly he caught up Nialls dick between his lips and he did he same thing. Niall groaned and he began to move his head quickly. He moved also on his own hip and it felt as if he had sex with a person. He settled himself down over Harry's body and he brought the hip faster up and down. He moaned about the fact that Harry's mouth was so soft and Harry allowed Niall to "fuck his mouth." It didn't take long before they both lay and just moaned. Niall sucked off Harry quickly, and he felt that Harry liked it. Harry took his hands over Nialls butt and he made sure that his dick slipped in between his lips hard. Niall whimpered and he pounded almost straight down into Harry's throat. It was wonderful and it was nice. He felt how he approached another state and he couldn't stop. He sucked on Harry's dick and he tried to keep the same speed.


Harry came first. Niall felt how Harry began to tighten up and he began to shake. He pushed up the hip and then felt Niall how it came cum straight into Nialls mouth. Harry shook and screamed almost straight out.


Harry lifted Niall, so he ended up straddling Harry's face. Then he made sure that he got in Nialls cock in his mouth again. Niall was kneeling over him and he grabbed with both hands Harry's head. He turned his face toward the ceiling and he was red all over his body. Harry enjoyed seeing him in that state, and he saw that Niall hadn't wiped his mouth yet, but he didn't care. Niall came and he pressed in his dick. He moaned, he shook and he filled Harry's mouth. Then he sank down and he sat down on Harry's chest. He was breathing rapidly and he looked down at the younger guy. Harry smiled and he swallowed. 
"Now I'm awake!" 
Niall smiled and he pulled his hands through Harry's hair. 
"I needed that." 
Harry nodded, and he raised his eyebrows. 
"I understood that." 
Niall grinned and then he became serious. 
"We go home this weekend. On Friday we go to Ireland." 
Harry felt his stomach tingled. 
"Are you sure?" 
Niall had never been so sure in his entire life. 
"Yes I'm sure!"

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