the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


12. declared love

Note: Sex between two guys and if you aren't able to read it, skip it!





Niall felt relieved. He had told the truth, and he opened his eyes. Harry just sat and stared at him. He said no word, and his eyes were big. Niall hesitated and he didn't know what he would do or say. 
"I was so afraid about what everyone else would think." he continued honestly. "And I still haven't told friends and my family that I probably gay." 
Harry just gaped and still said nothing. Niall became even more uncertain and he tried to collect himself. It was as though Harry didn't believe in him, as if he didn't understand. 
"I loved you so much." Niall whispered. He almost started to cry. "And when you left you took with you a piece of me."
Niall was surprised. Harry took Nialls face between his hands and before Niall had time to think, Harry kissed him. It was such a kiss that you could only give another guy after four years. Nialls stomach tingled and he responded the kiss. He wanted nothing more than to be near Harry and why not take the chance when it came?


Harry forced down Niall on his back and the kiss became more intense. He lay down on top of Niall, and it was as if they continued where they left off, as young boys. This time was Niall more sure about his feelings, and he was no longer afraid. He felt Harry pressed himself down against him, and he groaned aloud. They had both boner and it pushed out from both two's pants. Niall groaned he too and he quickly took his hands around Harry's gorgeous body. His bare torso was absolutely wonderful and Niall let his hands discovering Harrys back. Harry liked it and it wasn't long before he took up Nialls sweater. Niall pulled it off, and he could feel their skin once again met. Harry kissed Niall again and this time began their tongues playing with each other.


Niall whimpered when Harry began to pull off his pants. He worked quickly and methodically. Niall had nothing against it. He didn't care when Harry stripped him naked and he wasn't ashamed of his own body. Instead, it was wonderful to let Harry have control and Niall wanted to do everything with him. Harry then pulled of his own pants and underwear. Their naked bodies landed against each other and none of them wanted to stop. Niall could feel how their cocks where pressed between them and he tried to create friction, by moving on his hips. Harry began to caress Nialls body more intensely and more discovery. His hand slid slowly down and he brushed lightly their dicks. Niall whined and it was as if his body almost exploded. He moved faster on his hip up against Harry, and Harry did the same thing against Niall. Their kiss was almost forgotten, but Niall didn't release Harry's lips.


Harry groaned and he ended the kiss. He looked straight into Nialls eyes and he was red in the face. 
"Have you had sex with a guy before?" 
Niall shook his head quickly, and he was breathing heavily. 
"Have you?" 
Harry smiled and caressed Nialls face tenderly with his hands. 
"Yes!" he whispered quickly. "But only once." 
Niall smiled. 
"Would you?" 
Harry grinned and he moved over Nialls body. 
"If you want?"
Niall groaned and he nodded. 
"I want to!" 
Harry whimpered. 
"I have lube in the bedroom." 
Niall groaning because their cocks where pressed between them. 
"Shall we go there?" 
Harry nodded, and he looked at Niall with love. 
Niall laughed a little bit. 




Harry took Nialls hand and he refused to drop it. This moment, he had, so many times, fantasized about and he had wanted Niall for four years. He took with him to the bedroom and he threw Niall onto the bed. Harry was quick to pick up the lubricant and he sat under Niall, between his legs. Gently he took the lube on his hand and smeared into Nialls cock. Niall moaned and he had his mouth wide open. His skin blushed in faint pink and he looked just generally horny. Harry smiled and he felt how Nialls member shook with excitement. 
"I just have to prepare myself." 
Niall nodded and he looked at him. Harry brought his own hand back to his own rear holes. He massaged and he made ​​sure he was ready to receive Nialls hard part. He groaned when a finger managed to penetrate. Niall groaned as loud, though no one touched him. 
"Will you ride me?" 
Harry nodded happily and he removed his hand. He moved up astride over Nialls waist and quickly he caught Nialls cock with his hand. He brought it to the hole and slowly lowered himself down over it. Niall threw back his head and he grabbed Harry's waist tightly. He whimpered with his face and Harry felt how he himself was filled with Nialls meat. When he was completely down at Niall, he smiled wide and leaned foreword. Their lips met and they kissed each other desperately. Harry let his elbows land on each side of Nialls head and he was leaning totally over him. Their tongues were crazy and Niall seemed almost totally in Harry's power. Harry slowly began to move on his hip, and he felt how Nialls body was totally tense. Niall followed every movement and he almost forced Harry to accelerate. 
"Take it easy!" Harry mumbled therefore hoarsely against Nialls lips. "We will get there soon." 
Nial nodded and he smiled big. Their mouths were wide open and they stopped a few inches from each other. Harry had his head just above Nialls and he looked straight into his blue eyes. They both groaned when Harry stepped up the pace a little. He rode Niall hard and every time he landed on his body, whimpered Niall by just feeling. Harry liked the feeling and he loved to feel full by Niall.


In the end it was impossible to keep Niall back. He moved his hips up against Harrys ass faster and faster. He grabbed hold of Harry's ass with his hands and he almost forced him to go faster. Harry whimpered and he felt how excited they were. He therefore let one hand slide down and he started to jerk off himself. It was as if his whole body was just screaming for more, and he didn't know how he would do to get to enjoy the longest. Harry's second arm landed beside Nialls one shoulder and he went on to be leaning over the Irish. They both ended up in a magical state, and it was as if they had been waiting for this moment throughout their lives. Niall closed his eyes, and Harry saw that he was nearing the end. He brought quickly and desperately his cock in and out. He showed with his face that he loved every second and he groaned aloud. Harry picked up the pace with his hand and he felt that he would soon reach the same result. It was as if it wasn't needed so much for coming. All it took was a Niall, his cock and a bed. Harry's hand and Niall ended up at the same rate. Harry had to close his eyes, and he felt how he brought his cock closer to the orgasm. It was as if it lived its own life and didn't want that Harry would take a long time to come.


And Harry came first. He felt his cock began to shake then he felt how he spurted cum over Nialls stomach. He was shaking and he screamed. It was as if all the emotions just coursing through his body. He could do nothing but unleash everything and he was shaking. Niall continued, and he increased his speed again. His hip was moving quickly up against Harry's ass and he held his hands tighter around his buttocks. Niall showed with his face that he was so close to the end, as close as you just could be. He still had his mouth wide open and he made grimaces with his face. He whimpered and his face was no longer pink. He was red and he pushed harder and harder in his cock into the hole. In the end it was as if everything just exploded and he screamed straight out. Harry felt him pressed in his sperm in the hole and his cock shook with the orgasm. Niall shook with the whole body and he whimpered long time after it was done. It was as if it ended up gallons inside Harry.


Harry lay down on top of Niall and their lips met again. Their bodies were sweaty and they were exhausted. They were both breathless and they could do nothing but enjoy being totally depleted of sperm.


"Damn I love you so much!" Niall whimpered between the kisses. Harry smiled and ended the kiss. He pulled his hands through Nialls hair and he looked straight into his eyes. 
"I love you. I have always loved you since the first time I saw you." 
Niall blushed and he smiled shyly. 
Harry nodded and he giggled like a small child. 
"I'm not lying to the person that I love." 
Niall smiled bigger and he looked straight into Harry's green eyes. 
"Thanks that you love me!" 
Harry let their lips meet again. This time they kissed each other with love, with passion and with satisfaction.




Niall didn't want to go home. He was totally filled with love and he loved Harry more than he could have imagined. He wished that time would stand still, and he wished that Harry would always lie on top of him forever, but he also knew that they was unable to stop time. The only thing that worried him was how he would explain this to everyone at home in Ireland. They, at home, had no idea that he was gay or that he had an interest in guys. Niall didn't wanted to talk about it with Harry, because the risk was that Harry would leave him because of the uncertainty. Niall didn't want to make the same mistakes again and he wanted to stay with Harry.


"Shall we take a shower?" 
Niall smiled and he nodded. Harry sat up and then he stood on the floor. He took Nialls hand and pulled him towards the bathroom. Niall just smiled and enjoyed. He looked at Harry's body and he loved what he saw. Harry turned on the water and together they went into the shower. Niall liked that Harry was a little longer against himself. It felt like he took care of Niall and that he would protect him. Niall felt small, but he was still glad he dared everything he dared.


"You are so beautiful!" mumbled Harry, and he took the soap into Nialls body. Niall blushed and he chuckled when Harry tickled him. 
"You're sexy." 
Harry laughed a little bit. 
"Am I?" 
Niall nodded and he began to take soap on Harry's body too. It was so wonderful and Niall loved that Harry was tattooed. It was as if Harry was a little more dangerous, against as he had once been on the island. He was tough and he was cooler.
"Maybe you're sexy too?" Harry giggled and kissed him. Niall answered the kiss and took his arms around Harry's shoulders. He had to stand on tiptoe to reach up. Talk about Harry was changed. He was a man, a grown mature man who truly had it all. His body was filled with muscles and he was as handsome as a guy could just be. He kissed Niall perfect and entire Niall shook with excitement. He had butterflies in his stomach and his leg was almost faint. Harry kept his arms around his body so perfect and he seemed to like to kiss Niall.

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