the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


17. Bobby Horan

Harry was nervous. When the aircraft landed in Ireland, he had almost repented. What was he doing there? Still, he wanted to help Niall and give him the courage to be honest with the family, but was this the right way?


"We'll take a taxi home!" said Niall when they had found the bags on a tape. Harry nodded, and he was shaking all over. 
"Who'll we go to first?" 
Niall hesitated, but he was pretty sure his thing. 
Harry nodded and they put the bags on the cart. He then looked at Niall and he swallowed.
"So we are about to accomplish this?" 
Niall laughed a little bit. He walked up to Harry and kissed him lightly on the lips. 
Harry sighed and he grabbed the cart. He went before Niall to the exits. It was as if the whole world just spun around and Harry had no idea how he would get the world to stop.


Bobby hugged Niall and he looked happy. Then he stretched out his hand to Harry and greeted him. 
"Its me who's the father." he said happily. "All Nialls friends are welcome here!" 
Harry hesitated, but he chose not to tell him that he wasn't just only a friend. 
"Harry Styles!"
Niall blushed a little weak and Harry was surprised when Niall already in the hall tried to fight with the truth. 
"Dad, we need to talk!" 
Bobby was surprised, but he saw at his son that it was something serious. 
"Okay?" he said kindly. "We can put ourselves in the kitchen?"


Harry sat next to Niall and he looked down at the table. Niall put his hand on Harry's thigh, to feel security. Harry chose to put his hand over Nialls hand and then sat Bobby down. 
"So tell me?" 
Niall hesitated. Harry squeezed his hand and he smiled at him. Niall gathered courage and right as it was, he took hold around Harry's hand. He brought them up on the table so that Bobby saw that they were holding hands. 
"Dad, Harry's my boyfriend!" 
There was silence in the kitchen. Nobody said anything, and Harry could feel the way his heart pounding in his chest. Bobby sat and just stared at their hands, and he seemed to collect himself. 
"You mean, boyfriend?" 
Niall nodded. 
"I've known that I like guys for four years, but I haven't dared to talk about it."
Bobby lifted his gaze and he looked straight at Niall. 
"Are you gay?" 
Niall nodded. 
"Yes Dad, I'm gay!" 
Harry felt small. He saw that Niall shook and he saw that Bobby hesitated. It felt like an eternity before Bobby seemed to have gathered his thoughts with emotions. 
"And what should I do about it?" 
Niall smiled weakly. 
"Nothing, I just want to tell you that I'm with Harry and I have chosen this life." 
Bobby came up with a faint smile, and he looked at them both. 
"Okay? I guess I have to approve your choice?" he said and he got Harry to take a breather and he got Niall to smile. "You don't do drugs and you have no other problems?" 
Niall shook his head. 
Bobby smiled with his whole face. 
"Then I am satisfied!"


Harry was overjoyed. He saw that a stone left Nialls heart and it was as if he finally dared to be himself. Okay, they didn't kiss each other when Bobby was in the room and they tried not to hang over each other, but otherwise, everything felt normal.


"You can sleep here tonight." Bobby said cheerfully. "I don't mind your company."
Harry nodded a little bit. Niall nodded too and he blushed slightly.
"We can sleep in the guest room?"
Bobby nodded and he laughed a little bit.
"If you promise not to make babies?" he said it with a twinkle in his eyes and Niall laughed.
"No, the risk is minimized!"




As soon as Harry crawled into bed, threw Niall himself over him and kissed him hard. 
"Dad agreed to it?" 
Harry laughed and he took his arms around Nialls body. 
Niall felt like a new man and he couldn't help but laugh. 
"It feels like the whole world plays and that everything lies ahead." 
Harry laughed. 
"You sound like a crazy Niall?" 
The Irishman agreed, but then he became serious. 
"Tomorrow we'll go to my mom and tell. I guess it will go well?" 
Harry nodded and he pulled his hands through Nialls hair. 
"It's going to be fine!" he whispered meaning. "She's going to listen." 
Niall nodded and he fell down over Harry. He put his head next to Harry's head and he smiled. 
"I love you!" 
Harry let his hands glide over Nialls back. 
"I love you!" and it was the truth. He loved Niall so much that it hurt. It was as if there was no other choice but Niall and Harry would be an empty bubble without him.

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