the discovery

+16 - Narry fanfiction - the discovery


23. a winter day

It was winter outside and the snow lay heavy on the ground and on the trees. It was a wonderful winter day and the cold almost felt wonderful against the cheek. Niall and Harry was standing nervous outside the church and waited for the doors to be opened. Outside the church stood two horses with a wagon. It would then bring them to the big party after the wedding. Niall shook down to his feet and he looked nervously at Harry. Harry just smiled and kissed him tenderly. 
"This is just the beginning." Harry whispered tenderly. "You only have to say yes." 
Niall nodded and he took Harry's hand tightly. 
"But everyone will be staring at us?" 
Harry laughed. 
"Niall, who would they otherwise watch? We're getting married and it's thanks to us that everyone is here."
Niall nodded and he straightened his jacket. They were both dressed in white jackets, pants and shirt. They had the same green tie under the chin and in both their breast pockets, was a small green plant, just some leaves sticking out. The white stood for their love and purity of their love. The green stood for Ireland because Niall was an Irishman all the way into the grounds. Harry smiled at him and they heard the church bells began to ring. Soon it was time.


The doors opened, and Harry kept Nialls hand tightly. They began to walk along the corridor between the pews and the selected song was played out over the church. They walked slowly and they both smiled big. All had come, friends, colleagues and families. The only one that was missing was Maura. She hadn't even wanted to know that Niall would marry Harry. In contrast, stood both Bobby and Greg at Nialls side, which was enough. Some of Nialls cousins ​​had also come and he knew that half the family didn't care the fact that he was gay.


The priest smiled at them and they stopped in front of him. He looked calmly down on the two boys, and he smiled big. He was one of the few priests who believed that love was to be celebrated. He was for that gays would get married and it was an honor to marry Niall and Harry.


"We are gathered today to unite this couple. Harry and Niall. Today you shall proceed into marriage and we are all hear to follow you on your road. It's with pride that I stand before you today and I know how much you love each other. your love's great and I know that your marriage will contain a lot of laughter and joy."


"Do you Harry Edward Styles take Niall James Horan to be your lawful wedded husband, to live with him until death do you part."
Harry felt to just cry with happiness.
The priest smiled and he then looked at Niall.
"Niall James Horan I ask you the same question. Do you take Harry Edward Styles to your wedded husband, to live with him until death do you part?"
Niall sobbed.
They gave each other rings and then smiled priest soothing against them.
"Here on your married couples and you get to kiss each other."
Niall flew at Harry and their lips met. They didn't hear the cheering in the church and they didn't hear everyone cry. In their world, there was just the two of them and they both knew that this was only the beginning.










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