1D and 5SOS Preferences/Imagines

Just a book of preferences and Imagines


3. Meeting Liam For The First Time

           I'm just about to cross the street to go on my normal jog at the park, when suddenly someone grabs my wrist and yanks me back.

"Hey sorry I'm Liam, you were about to get hit by that car."He explains.

"Oh um sorry I'm Y/N, would you like to go to the park with me?" I ask him.

         He agrees and we walk around the park getting to know each other better. He decided to walk me home. We both got silent as soon as we reached my door step. Liam then asks me on a date which I happily agree to. He kisses me before he jogs off quickly. A year later we end up being happily married with two kids. Still to this day Liam takes our kids to the park where we met and tells them the story of how mommy and daddy met. Liam still surprises me with flowers and random gifts.                                                                                                                                                                                " I love you Y/N Payne forever and always." He whispers to me every night as I fall asleep.

We grow old and die together holding hands when we were found.




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