1D and 5SOS Preferences/Imagines

Just a book of preferences and Imagines


1. Beach Date With Harry Styles

            I'm dating the one and only Harry Styles from One Direction. I'm suppose to be going on a date with him tonight, be he won't tell me where we're going. Harry arrives and blind folds me, he leads me to the car and helps me in. He drives for a little bit then I feel the car stop. He gets out and goes around to help me out. After walking for a few moments he takes my blind off.

"Do you like it Y/N?" Harry asks.

           I open my eyes to see a picnic set out on the beach. We can see the sun setting in front of us.

"I love it Harry!" I say.

"And I love you Y/N!" He replies.

           We eat and laugh while watching the sun set. I get up and walk to the water by now the stars are out. I feel a set of arms wrap around me, I instantly recognize them as Harry's.

"Babe I love you. I'll be with you forever." He says with love.

            The night ends with a good night kiss and falling asleep cuddled next to Harry


These are all mine but I also have them posted on wattpad.

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