One Direction Imagine!! 😍

Imagine your favorite boy doing this to you ���� won't you love this!! Haha


1. spill coffee on you


You are walking out of Starbucks with your coffee in your hand.. When somebody bumped into you spilling your coffee all over your new white shirt and you don't have time to change before job interview!

"Oh my gosh," you shriek

"I am so sorry," he apologized

"It's fine," you try to assure him

"No it's not here let me help you," he takes a napkin and tries to wipe it off

"It's fine all just go change," you lie

"Okay," he says guilt in his eyes

You walk on by and put your jacket on to cover the stains and drive on by


You just walked out of your favorite little coffee shop from down the road your playing your favorite game on your phone when someone bumped into you! It spilled all over you..

"Oh love I'm so sorry," Niall apologized

"Oh it's okay," you try

"I'll buy you another coffee," he says

"No it's fine," you try again

"Nonsense here," he says tugging on your hand ordering another coffee for you

"Thank you," you say

"It's fine now how much was that shirt," Niall asked

"Oh it's fine it was an old shirt," you say

"Then it's easier to pay for," he teases

"You don't have to," you smile

"I want to," he said seriously with a small smile

"I don't want your money," You gave him a small smile

"I'll make it up to you then," he said

"Okay," you smiled and exchanged numbers


Your walking out of the stores when somebody bumps into you spilling coffee onto your shirt

"Oh my gosh," an accent says

I look up to see a young man with a spilt coffee in one hand and carrots in the other

"It's fine," You say

"No it's- I'm so sorry," he says

"It's okay," You assure him

"The stain looks like a monkey," he thinks aloud and I laugh

"Yes it does," you say still laughing

"Can I give you money for the shirt?" He asked

"No it's not necessary," you say

"I'll take you home to change then we can go somewhere it's the least I can do for spilling coffee all over you is that okay?" He asks

You nod and your on your way


Your walking in a coffee shop to use the bathroom when someone knocks you down, as your butt hits the ground you feel something burning hit your skin

"Are you okay I am so sorry," he says

"Yeah," i say and he reaches for me to help me up but when he touched the burn I winced

"It hurts?" He asked

"Yeah a little," I say and he gave me a disbelieving look

"Okay a lot," I sigh

"Let's go see the doctor," he says helping me up

"It's fine I swear," i tried

"No your seeing the doctor no matter what you say it obviously hurts," he says taking a hold if your hand guiding you to his car..

Looks like your going to see the doc


You are walking out of your moms house to your car across the street when you hear barking and you turn around to have hot sticky liquid in your face.

"I'm sorry,my dog got out of control and I was having troubles," he said shyly

"It's fine," you say

"Here," he says taking off his sweatshirt handing it to you

"Oh no I can't," you try

"I'm not taking it back, he gives you his jacket and a piece of paper and runs blowing an exaggerated kiss your way!

You slip on the jacket and look at the note.. Looks like somebody has a cute boys jacket and number πŸ˜‰

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