My Little Pony Poetry

This is poems I have made myself about the different ponies from My Little Pony. The pictures included in this book were also drawn by me... So let me know what you think of my poems, as well as what you think of my drawings :D :D :D :D


2. Octavia

Octavia is a beautiful as the notes she sings, her voice is like an angel with wings.

She never sings a single note of key, when on stage playing, she feels so free.

Crouds of ponies come to see, to sing was always Octavia's destiny.

But when her best frienf Vinyl lets her down, she will sing on through that frown.

She plays violin with such prosition, making it big in music was always her main vision.

The musical note on her flank says it all, with a voice like that, her audience is never small.

She has always had a heart for song, and will sing on, even if life goes wrong.

For music is practically her whole life, any colt would be proud to have her as a wife.

Vinyl has always been her best friend, a friendship so strong it shall never end.

Living with a DJ Pony, she must be mad! But a friendship like that, she should be glad.

Two musical room mates, two different styles, records cluttering the house in various piles.

Through her music sheets and violin bows, her playing is what fills up the rows.

But as her show begins she has to go, the crowd will be upset if she doesn't show.

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