My Little Pony Poetry

This is poems I have made myself about the different ponies from My Little Pony. The pictures included in this book were also drawn by me... So let me know what you think of my poems, as well as what you think of my drawings :D :D :D :D


1. King Sombra



Oh Sombra, my Crystal King, Oh what havoc you do bring.

Your the moving shadows in my dreams, watching me as I sleep it seems.

Stalking your prey, making all your slave, the childish way you do behave.

Your heart as cold as ice, the evil shadows you do entice.

Your obsession with crystals never dies, and that evil stare you give me never lies.

Your armour as strong as the power you hold, why have crystals when you can have gold!

Your strong, cunning, and fit to rule, but Princess Celestia and Luna make you look such a fool!

Your hair as black as the night, when your threatened, you put up a fight.

Walking around standing tall and proud, they may be slaves, put it's still a crowd.

Where you go, fear shall follow, I've never met a horse with a chest so hollow.

Forget black hearts, theres no heart there, the once caring nature has been stripped bare!

All that is left is a mere shadow of who you once were, nothing the same apart from your greying fur.

The only other thing left is your dark red gaze, the blazing eyes that still amaze.

Your horn turned blood red, and your cutie mark personality now dead.

Don't change a thing....My shadowed king! xX<3 Xx

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